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by Super Mario Bros.

Oh boy! Hello fellow readers, and welcome to the Userpedia Drama Showcase of the Month Events Column. This time, the list will be full of controversies galore, with a few notes about promotions added as well...

  • All on one day...
    • Tabuuownsall132x2 (now known as Paint it Black) demoted back-up #userpedia operator, Smiley the Hun, but repromoted her shortly after.
    • Later that evening, Stooben Rooben came in and successfully settled the dispute.
    • The chatroom (#userpedia) basically devolved into arguments about the supposed abuse of power.
    • Glaive demoted himself, but St00ben repromoted him.
  • Marioguy1 and Hemu were recently promoted to Patroller, which the ranking itself being reinstated when MG1 was promoted to it.
  • The first back-up ops were promoted in #userpedia. It was, at first, Marioguy1, but then Patrollers were given level 120 Auto-Op. Smiley the Hun is now the only back-up operator, since Hemu became a Patroller, and is the first #userpedia operator not to be a member of the Userpedia wiki.

In other news, the Banjo-Kazooie Wiki has shut down and has become the Jorge Wiki: the wiki for all nonsense articles and Mountain Dew. The 'Shroom has released its thirty-second issue, and seems to be in the process of being revamped; with the merging of the Pipe Plaza, the rules becoming more strict, new rules involving better quality and grammar of the sections being created, and the Editor in Chief position being reinstated: the position was abolished in 2007 by Plumber as it was deemed unnecessary. The Editor in Chief checks all 'Shroom sections to make sure that the grammar is near-perfect and to make sure that it meets size requirements and that it has good quality.

Well, that is all I will report this issue, with more to come next issue! See you all around!