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userpedia stats:
userpedia stats:
{{info|Name= BroccollyGuy|HP= 100|Power= 25|Defense= 10|Speed= 15}}
{{info|Name= BroccollyGuy|HP= 100|Attack= 25|Defense= 10|Speed= 15}}
my actuall stats:
my actuall stats:

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this is my userpage


Primary profile image joe.JPG
Member of: Scratch, Super Mario Wiki, UserPedia
Rank autoconfirmed user on all of them
Species Logrithm
Location why do I need to tell you that
Join date I dunno
Gender Male
Allies Jondi (Scratch)
Relatives another unwanted question
Likes Rogue one: a Star Wars story, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (people think i am weird because of it), PCs
Dislikes Star wars: the empire strikes back (some people think I am weird becuase of it), anti-vaccinisim, Macs
Moves I'll tell you later
Theme(s) not ready to be linked to my userpage yet
Aliases Captian of the Moonbreaker Sillogisim, RR (initals for Rarely Revealed), CosmicBowser, Logrithm 3284, EvilBob
Score I don't know
Age less than 1 year on every website listed above
Personal information Isnt the fact its personal information reasfn enough to keep it off a wiki

what else should I put here in this extra space


I wrote this userpage


none so far


userpedia stats:


my actuall stats:


Oh great! I may have corrupted my userbox -BroccollyGuy whille editing

WHO EVEN IS ACTIVE ON USERPEDIA? BroccollyGuy talking to Yoshi876 over Yoshi876's message page


  • my username is a refrence to a skylanders villan


not set up yet