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Typical Tragedy/44 - Heavy Rain

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Tabuu’s Point of View.

It was raining.

I woke up in a hotel room. It was freezing, and MBV had taken residence on a bed across the room from me, sleeping contentedly.

I was shirtless, and bandages had been wrapped around my body- no doubt MBV’s doing. I had been healed mostly, but I could tell that if I moved around too much at this point, my wounds would open again.

So carefully, very carefully, I stood up.

The room had a single, rain-covered window, and we must’ve been on the top floor- I could hear the tapping of the falling water on the roof.

I was in my jeans, socks and shoes- only my shirt and desert robe had been removed. The room’s temperature and darkness helped me recover.

I exited the room and looked around the hallway.

It was dark, but the place was nice. Wooden, polished floors, red carpets, expensive vases...you know.

I found a staircase at the end of the hallway and I ascended to the rooftop.

I opened the door and stepped outside.

We were in Wikia. The border wall was far off in the distance, and I could see the Central City from my perspective on the roof. How long had we travelled after I had been attacked?

Did they repel my father?

I was standing in the pouring rain, looking at the skyscrapers and apartment complexes and houses- and I noticed something that made me feel right at home.

Everything- the streets, the roads, the buildings- was jet-black. Even the roof I stood on- the entire city looked like Mick Jagger had been given all the paint he wanted and just told to go batshit with it.

The water soaked my entire body, and I could feel my energy returning to me. I stood on the edge of the roof, looking down at the rest of the world.

My hair was weighed down by the rain, and it went over my eyes.

I conjured my pen.

“I can see you.” I muttered.

It was early in the morning, and the sun was nowhere in sight.

Standing at the bottom of the hotel was a man in long, black robes, looking up at me.

Dean. Zanza.

He turned and walked away.


I turned around.

It was Smiley. She was in a jacket, walking across the roof towards me with a look of concern on her face. “Are you alright?”

I realized what she thought I was going to do. “Yeah,” I said, “Just looking around.” I turned my back to her and stared at the Central City on the horizon.

“I’m still your friend, Tabuu...”

“What’re you talking about?” My eyes stung. Rain. It was just the rain.

“You’ve been...so cold...”

“Maybe I have a right to be,” I snapped, “I’m not the one who ends long-term relationships out of the fucking blue while we’re in the middle of trying to save the world!”

“I’m...I’m sorry, I just...for the longest time, I haven’t felt that way about y-”

“I don’t want to fucking hear it.” I growled, “There was a proper way to end this and what you did was not it. You led me on since before this journey even started! You’ve been fucking lying to me this entire time, and I don’t appreciate it!”

Just the rain.

“...I guess I really can’t say anything to make you feel better, can I?”

I shrugged. “I just don’t want to talk to you right now.” My voice broke.

“I’m sorry, Tabuu. I really am. Th-there’s other people out there for you, you know?”

“I didn’t want anybody else.” I murmured.

Suddenly, it was cold.

Too cold.

I turned around, grabbed Smiley by the back of her jacket, and jumped across the roof, narrowly dodging a spear of ice that had been shot for her.

3Dejong looked disappointed.

“Here I was hoping to skewer that bitch.” he muttered.

I dug in my pocket and realized I didn’t have my pouch of ink cartridges with me.

My pen was empty.

“Smiley,” I muttered, “Where’s everybody else?”

“Scarecrow, Walkazo and Alex went out to see what intel they could gather. Javelin and Nabber went to go buy food and the such- since Nabber’s legally a Wikian citizen and Javelin isn’t an admin, it won’t raise any alarms.”

My angst had turned into adrenaline, and I realized that I had just found an absolutely wonderful way to vent my emotions.

And by “vent”, I mean “rip 3Dejong to fucking shreds”, but whatever.

MBV was sleeping inside. It was just me and Smiley versus one Sub.

“You ready, Smiley?” I asked, holding out my blade at 3D.

“Yeah.” she held out her knife.

3D summoned two gigantic blades of ice, and gave the both of us a murderous grin.

“After what happened in TV Tropes,” he chuckled, “I realized just what I needed to do to make Lord Zanza proud!”

“And what would that be?” I demanded.

“It's simple. Kill one of you.” he said, crossing the rooftop in an instant, lunging his blade for Smiley’s heart, “Kill the girl.”

Unfortunately for him, Smiley wasn’t exactly a helpless damsel.

In one slash, she bisected the blade that had been approaching her. She sidestepped the troll, spun her stiletto- which crackled with lightning- and stabbed the blade into the Sub’s back, electrocuting him.

She used her knife to rip through his spine and out of his side.

He fell forward, comprehension finally dawning on his face.

I beheaded him before he had a chance to scream.

Black blood mixed with the rain, and the Sub’s head flew skywards, spinning in its ascent.

My blade took on a faint golden glow.

Administrative Art,” I shouted, “Submissive Banishment!

3Dejong’s headless body caught his head and put it back onto his neck- darkness surged through his body, reattaching his head to the rest of his body-

And I slashed my sword, releasing a surge of energy that blasted 3D off of his feet and across the roof.

He slammed to the wet cement and gave an angry howl, trying to push himself back up.

His body was turning black and dissolving.

“No...no, you bastard, no...”

He glared up at me, clawing the ground and trying to reach me.

His vengeful glare disappeared, and he gave a little grin.

“Looks like...I left the Wiki in good hands after all...”

He closed his eyes and rested his head on the ground.

It soon dissolved with the rest of his body.

The last of Rudnicki’s Subs finally knew peace.

I looked at Smiley.

“Thanks.” we said at the same time.

We blinked.

“Jinx!” I shouted.

“Oh, come o-”

“Root beer floats. You’re paying.”

She sighed.

I grinned.

It was something we used to do back in school- before I ever got with her, when all we really did was hang out.

We’d go and get some drinks- Alex and Palkia and some others would usually come with us.

She gave a sigh.

“You’re greedy.” she said, walking away from me.

“You’re bitchy.” I shot back, walking after her.

“Bum.” She opened the door.

“Bitch.” We walked downstairs.

“You’re repeating your insults.” She remarked, walking down the hall.

“You were repeating after me.” I lied, finding me and MBV’s door.

“We said it at the same time!” she insisted, opening her door- which was at the end of the hall, I should mention.

“Uh-huh.” I pointed a finger towards her. “Still owe me a drink, Smiles.”

She groaned.

I laughed, walked back into my room, and shut the door.

My smile faded almost instantaneously.

Friendship saved, it seemed.


I sat on the floor and looked up at the window.

What would happen from here?

I dug into my pocket and found my phone, which, thankfully, hadn’t been soaked with rain or blood.

I still got service in Wikia, too.

I sent a message to Alex.

Me and Smiley just beat 3Dejong. We’re cool now, I think. Where are you? When will you guys be getting back? I feel...kind of shitty, to be honest. I’d like to talk to you whenever you make it back, man. What happened with Michael-Zanza?

Respond when you can. Later.