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The Resolutions of 132/2 - Mad World (Hold My Head, Drown My Sorrow)

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"Where are we going?"

"You'll see."

Chapter Two

Mad World (Hold My Head, Drown My Sorrow)

I scowled. It had been a pretty uneventful two weeks. Stooben and Alex had basically become my best friends, and Grapes was as impossible as ever to get to. Well, not impossible. Everytime I tried to talk to her, this happened-

"Hey, Grapes?" I would ask.

"Yeah, Tabs?"

"I, uh..."



And that would always end with me running off.

Alex said that some distance would help me get over my shyness, and while I didn't understand, he decided to take me somewhere anyways.

He walked ahead of me, in his own barely-slouched walking position. Yeah, walking position.

Ya see, it turns out he isn't a Lakitu- rather, he just stole one's cloud. He just sits cross-legged in it. He's just a human. Dark blond hair, blue eyes, and white skin. Oh, and large circular glasses to add to the whole Lakitu motif. He wore a black Final Fantasy VI T-shirt, blue jeans, and simple black tennis shoes. He was lean and slightly muscular.

I wore my black robes, having felt some...attachment to them, with some blue jeans and a white T underneath. I began to walk faster after a long while out of MarioWiki, and we came to a valley.

I was out of breath, and tired as hell.

"Dude, how long have we been walking!?" I shouted. Seriously, though. We had started early morning, and now it was near dark.

He thought for a moment. "Thirteen hours and counting."

"How much longer do we have to go!? Don't you have, ya know, a car or something!?"

Yeah, I was bitching.

"I have the Lakitu cloud. I thought you'd never ask."

He conjured it up from a small capsule, and sat in it. He gestured for me to join him.

I joined Alex in the cloud, and we floated through the valley.

"And why didn't we just travel like this the whole way?"

Alex laughed.

"Oh, it's just fun fuckin' with ya."


I had (most embarrassingly) fallen asleep on Alex's shoulder by the time we made it there. He woke me by pushing me off his cloud, onto the ground. I woke abruptly, and brushed myself off, looking around where we had ended up. The place seemed...sad. We were in a deep fog, (which, I might add, our Lakitu cloud, Dean, didn't like) and the only thing I could see was an old, broken down church, with a broken, rusty sign saying "Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, Pagan, Buddhist... All Are Welcome."

Alex leaped out of Dean. "Thanks, bud." he said.

"No problem." The smiling cloud replied, removing his sunglasses, and going to sleep. Alex returned the cloud to it's capsule, and we began to walk through the fog, to the front door of the chapel. He knocked on the door to the sanctuary a few times, and, after a few seconds, it was pulled open.

But there was nobody there.

Alex walked inside, and I followed. We walked down the long aisle of seats, and I felt watched. I looked around the ruined sanctuary, but saw nobody. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I stayed a little closer to Alex than I normally would have. He stopped walking, and I did, too. He looked back at me.

"Don't worry. They won't hurt you if you don't hurt them."

I jumped.

Just as he said that, I could see them. Hundreds of people, sitting down in the seats, all in black, hooded robes, watching us. I could see no faces.

And I was too terrified to scream.

"What....what are they!?" I demanded.

"They are...ghosts. Spirits. Imprints of a dead person left upon the world. This church that we're standing in...was different. It didn't promote so much of a spiritual ideology so much as it promoted people simply being united. A certain person...Rudnicki, didn't take too kindly to this...and he killed them all in service. This happened ten years ago. None of them left here. They are in their black mourning robes, mourning for the rest of the world's sorrows. A mad world, indeed."

"Why...why did you bring me here?"

He looked back at me with a sad look in his eyes.

"You need to meet some people."

Suddenly, one of the ghosts sitting in the front row stood up, and he walked down the aisle towards us.

Wait, not a ghost.

He was solid. I could hear his feet tapping against the ground.

He stood in front of me, and held out his hand for a shake.

I grabbed it and shook, but couldn't see his face.

"Hello, Tabuu..." he said, moving his hands to his hood in preparation to remove it, "my name is-"

"Nalia." I said.

He blinked as his hood fell back. He had long, messy white hair, dark skin, and red eyes.

"How did you know that?"

"...I just did."

For a moment, I could've sworn I saw a flicker of excitement flicker in his eyes, but it happened so fast that I couldn't help but wonder if I had just been seeing things.

He held out his left hand, and conjured a golden scythe, holding it out towards me.

"Do you..." he asked, "want to join the Reaper Council? Alex and myself are both members. You would be allowed to the highest levels of information, you would be acknowledged among others as available to certain protections. You would obtain unimaginable benefits and even riches, so long as you stay committed to our cause- the destruction of the Mastermind Troll."

I blinked.

He conjured another scythe, but in his right hand. It was a celestial blue. He nodded at Alex, who conjured a blazing scarlet scythe, which he set over his back.

"If you wish to join us, grab this weapon."

Normally, I would have thought this out.

However, I didn't hesitate, and I grabbed for the golden weapon.

As soon as my fingers touched it, I was falling through an endless white void.

And then everything went black.