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{|class="poketemp autocollapse collapsible"
{|class="poketemp mw-collapsible"
!<div class=header>
!<div class=header>
<div class=sprite>{{{image}}}</div>
<div class=sprite>{{{image}}}</div>

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How to bake your own instance of this template

|image= Put the file name of your trainer sprite here, just like you do when you use any old image on the wiki.
|name= The name of your trainer.
|title= Your trainer's class. This can be PKMN Trainer, Lass, Gym Leader, Bug Catcher, Robot Overlord, whatever.
|metin= The location this trainer was first encountered.
|nature= The trainer's nature. Define as if the trainer was a Pokémon. 
|flavortext= A short description what your trainer is like. Make sure it isn't too long though.
|pokemon={{Poketemp/pokemon This is a sub-template that places the blue Pokémon boxes into your trainer's team area. 
|image= The file name of the Pokémon's sprite.
|name= The Pokémon's nickname. If it doesn't have a nickname, just put its default species name here.
|move1= The Pokémon's moveset. Each Pokémon can learn up to four moves, but chances are you already knew that anyway.
{{Poketemp/pokemon If you want your trainer to have more than one Pokémon, you need to use one Poketemp/pokemon template for each.