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Yup, you heard me. I'm starting it all over again. However, the sign-ups aren't just a mad rush for the empty slots. All sign-ups, other than cameos, are by INVITE ONLY. You can ask me if you want to be in, but don't just put yourself down.

Major Heroes

  1. 1337Yoshi
  2. Super-Yoshi
  3. YellowYoshi398
  4. Xpike
  5. Palkia47
  6. Totodile3456

Major Villains

  1. <main villain>
  2. DarkHero Sonic the Dark
  3. Stooben Rooben
  4. YoshRaptor
  5. Gyroid X
  6. RAP

Minor Heroes

  1. RedFire Mario
  2. Scarecrow von Steuben
  3. Charizard
  4. Caps Lock Lord
  5. Toadbert101
  6. G-Yoshi

Minor Villains

  1. Peachycakes 3.14
  2. Mr. Guy
  3. Neurario

Cameos (Unlimited)

You'll appear eventually. Probably briefly, too.

  1. Alex25
  2. Pikax

Note: If you are accepted to be in the comic, or if you sign up as a cameo or any other free sign-up roles I may add in the future, you grant me the rights to use your sprites, non-users, locations, and anything else pertaining to your character as I see fit within the comic. If that includes killing someone off, then that's just the way things go.


Can i be a Major Hero? If not, a Minor Hero?

-- Kill Joys! Make Some Noise! - Dr. Death Defying The future is bulletproof!

Maybe. 1337Yoshi

Can I be in as Minor Hero or Minor Villain? Purple Ninjakoopa

Soooooo, can I be in? Peachycakes 3.14

Probably. Hero or Villain? 1337Yoshi

Suprise me. Peachycakes 3.14

Major hero for moose please? User:Henrydamoose/sig

I'll see. 1337Yoshi

Are there any requirements for signing up to this as a cameo? If so, what are they? File:Pikax.PNG Pikax (talk)

can me and Charizard be in? :o User:Totodile3456/sig

Pikax: Yeah. The requirements are existing.
Toto: Probably. Hero or Villain? 1337Yoshi

So I could sign up to this then, right? File:Pikax.PNG Pikax (talk) 21:58, 27 January 2009 (UTC)

Do you exist? 1337Yoshi

Yes. File:Pikax.PNG Pikax (talk)

Can I put the comment after my cameo if it's serious? Alex25, King of Randomness! 22:08, 27 January 2009 (UTC)

Pikax: Then sign up. :P
Alex: Depends on what it is. Usually, I decide what you'll do. 1337Yoshi

I'll see what the setting is first. Alex25, King of Randomness! 22:18, 27 January 2009 (UTC)

So, Am i in?

-- Kill Joys! Make Some Noise! - Dr. Death Defying The future is bulletproof!

I don't know, at this point. 1337Yoshi

Can I be a minor Villain? That was what I signed up for before Scribble Wiki crashed... Mr. Guy 19:42, 28 January 2009 (UTC)

I guess. 1337Yoshi

how about if i am the Main Villian?


Don't be ridiculous. 1337Yoshi

So i should sign up for cameo?

-- Kill Joys! Make Some Noise! - Dr. Death Defying The future is bulletproof!