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Super Mario Bros.

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Super Mario Bros., commenting on almost anything

Super Mario Bros.
Rank Current:
  • Core 'Shroom Staff (Director)
  • Userpedia Staff (Bureaucrat, Global Moderator)
  • Awards Committee ('Shroom Awards Host)
Gender Male
Aliases SMB, Alphabet Man
Age 19

Super Mario Bros. (more commonly referred to as SMB) is a veteran member of the Super Mario Wiki. He currently serves as the Director of The 'Shroom, and as a staff member of Userpedia, its forum, and the Awards Committee; additionally, he has formerly held positions on the Super Mario Wiki and the Super Mario Boards and was the leading staff member on the Poll Selection Committee, #mwchat and #userpedia, and several other projects, before withdrawing from these obligations. Although he is not as active as he once was and mostly focuses on overseeing The 'Shroom, he still checks the forum and posts in the chat room regularly. SMB is known for his love for the alphabet and, to a lesser extent, his Mickey Mouse impressions.