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Quite. I am Inclined to notice you all have accounts.

Stuffwell, Chat


Ziz Pairrj, more commonly known by his self applied nickname Stuffwell, is a Non-User and is one of the loyal subjects of Neptune. He is a "Sidekick" of Neptune when in need.



Stuffwell, upon creation

Stuffwell was originally just a suitcase that was left in a pile of Dry Bones shells and skulls. Neptune, finding this strange contraption (this was during times when suitcases are unheard of) stole it, and animated it using magic. Stuffwell, when springing to life, knocked Neptune unconscious, as he ran out of the doors of Neptune's house inside Bowserpedia Keep. Startling some of the users, Stuffwell took refuge in a small covet underneath the royal staircase. Neptune sent out several search parties, including himself, to find the young creature. He was eventually found by Neptune's right hand man, Blue Koop.

Neptune decided to care for Stuffwell like a son. He taught him how to talk, walk, even fight. However, Neptune did not wish to teach Stuffwell any magic, mainly because he feared that Stuffwell was too underdeveloped to become part of the Udani. Stuffwell was still trained very well in combat.

Stuffwell decided to go travelling later in his life, becoming the first being to travel overseas (let alone the first suitcase to do so). When he returned, he participated in the battle of the Super Mario Wiki, one of the biggest battles ever recorded in Wiki history.

Stuffwell now resides at a small cottage in the Southern Hills of Wikisboro, in Wikipedia. He lives a rather quiet life, and receives visits from Neptune from time to time.


Stuffwell is very kind, and very sociable. From an early life, he was rather quite shy, but over time, after his adventures, he grew very sociable. He welcomes any visitor to his home, and strikes up strange conversations, often about bread. He rejects most adventures that Neptune offers him from time to time. He also takes in injured animals and mends them, before sending them on their way again.


He has yet to appear in fiction.

Userpedia Party

Stuffwell is one of Neptune99's costumes in Userpedia Party. He is the last costume to be unlocked, after the player has to complete everything in the game.



  • Considering Stuffwell has no arms, it's a mystery how he does all the things in this article.