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  • Phoenix in addition to being one of the earliest members of the wiki would also become a member of the [[Forums]], even giving [[Son ...nix Rider appears as a supporting character in the [[Agonizing Masterpiece Productions]] role-playing game ''[[Spirit Lies]]''. He will be a supporting playable c
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  • ...gside Marowak, Edo made the acquaintances of a lot of (at that time) newer members, some of which he caught glimpses before, but never talked to them personal ...oped by [[Stooben Rooben]]. After the founding of [[Agonizing Masterpiece Productions]], Edo participated in developing the game as well. He produced a huge amou
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  • ...discuss various topics. Different types of users inhabit it, from regular Members to [[Forum Moderator|Moderators]] to [[Forum Administrator|Admins]] (of dif ...his day. The Xephyr Board is often considered a "retreat" of sorts by many members, as the rules on the forum are very relaxed. Xephyr is also the home to som
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  • ...the game-making process which later became the group Agonizing Masterpiece Productions. During the year it spent in development, several demos were released and w
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  • [[Image:AMPlogo.png|thumb|right|'''Agonizing Masterpiece Productions''' logo.]] ...e focus being on making any of the group's works fun for all involved, and members can choose whether or not they want to assist in a project without conseque
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