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More recently he used a goatse wiki table image, taken from Encyclopedia Dramatica.
More recently he used a goatse wiki table image, taken from Encyclopedia Dramatica.
==List of Sockpuppets==
Smoke has already made 30 sockpuppets in a single day, almost breaking the [[MarioWiki]]an record. He ''has'' broken [[Willy]]'s record for the total amount of sockpuppets, and he keeps making more.
;An incomplete list of his sockpuppets is as follows:
#Smoke: Im the same smoke that draws middle finger images!
#Smoke: Cobold smokes dark weed on mondays and thursdays but sometimes makes exceptions when all of his other weed is missing
#Smoke hahahahahhah
#Smoke cant get banned
#Weed Smoker
#Smokepuppet 7
#Smokepuppet 6
#Smokepuppet 5
#Smokepuppet 4
#Smokepuppet 3
#Smokepuppet 2
#Smokepuppet 1
#Smoke on d***head
#Smoke: Cobold wears freaky hats on mondays and thursdays but sometimes makes exceptions when all of his hats are missing
#Great Elder Dragon King
#Jack Sparrow
#Smoke is better than sysops
#Smoke on Fly
#Smoke on Cobold
#Smoke sockpuppet
#Smoke on Lava
#Smoke on Sky
#Smoke weed
#Smoke on Yoshi
#Smoke on Wario
#Smoke on Jet
#Smoke: Dont ban me until i give blitzwings thanks for making fun with my socks plx!!!! =(
#Smoke on Pepper
#Smoke on C**t
#Smoke on Wayoshi
#Smoke on Salt
#Smoke on Water
#Smoke on Blitzwing
#Smokepuppet 8
#Smokepuppet on Blitzwing
#Smokepuppet o Blitzwing
#Smoke on pshychology
#Smoooooooke on the water, cobold in the sky
#Smokepuppet: Xzelion wants to do something nasty to me
#Smoke: Im back from hell muahahaha
#The Smoke Returns
#Smoke again
#Smoke the unstoppable
#Super Smoke World
#Smoke is R****g Cobold's A**
#Smoke will Destroy this wiki
#Smoke on Classic Controller used in Wii Fit
#King Weegee (on Userpedia)
#Plasma Beam (on Wikia)

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Cobold wears freaky hats on Mondays and Thursdays but sometimes makes exceptions when all of his hats are missing.



Master Smoke (originally known as merely Smoke) is a Troll at the MarioWiki who is known for creating middle-finger images out of text, and posing them on User talk pages. Some of the users who were attacked were KPH2293, Fg and YellowYoshi398, however Smoke's favorite target is Cobold. Many of his sockpuppets ridicule Cobold, and some are rather perverse in nature. When he started adding the Middle-Finger image to normal pages, he would often include small messages that either swear at Cobold or ridicule the article in general. After banning Smoke's many sockpuppets, Cobold makes fun of their names, generally making Smoke laugh. Why he hates Cobold or the Super Mario Wiki in general is unknown.

Master Smoke's spam is still going on, and due to his ability to use different IPs and thereby evade IP Banning. Another IP-Changer called Rapidrocker once copied Smoke's style, earning the Troll's vindictive wrath. Smoke claims RapidRocker just wanted his fame, and vehemently claims he is not a MarioWiki User. Another User once believed to be Smoke is AndreZoio, but this has been proven false. Also, someone known as LongCat has spammed Userpedian pages with Smoke's middle-finger image, leading some to speculate he is Smoke. Then a confirmed Smoke-attack occured on Userpedia on August 5, 2008, when he made 12 sockpuppets, all of which were insulting YellowYoshi398 and were blocked by 1337Yoshi. One of Smoke's IP's has also been seen in the Chatroom, and was known as Masked Stranger. He denied that he was Smoke, however, and used the excuse that he lived next door to Smoke and that he was using AOL, which shares IPs.

When the troll first appeared, his sockpuppets had no name in common. HyperToad dubbed the troll as a whole "Smoke", and the name has seemed to catch on, as most future sockpuppets contained "Smoke" (e. i. Smokepuppet). Smoke's assumed name, "Master Smoke" was discovered when he attacked the Wikia, Mario Wiki in late 2008. Some of the Mario Wikia Sysops suspected he was a Super Mario Wiki User messing with them, however the whole thing was soon cleared up between the two sites.

More information surrounding Master Smoke was revealed with the discovery of a small Wiki he made known as "antimw". Smoke (as "Master Smoke") had requested antimw be made into a Wikia, claiming it was a parody of the Super Mario Wiki that only he would edit. When he was turned down, he used another Wiki Farm to create "antimw". The few articles on the Wiki profanely defaming the MWiki and certain Users (including Cobold, RapidRocker (as Dummmmmy) and strangely, Max2). It was also confirmed that the middle-finger symbol was Master Smoke's "trademark", as he signed all the antimw pages with it.

More recently he used a goatse wiki table image, taken from Encyclopedia Dramatica.


Trolls' Island (comic)

Smoke appeared as a major villain in Trolls' Island (comic) . He first appeared when Time Q and Coincollector reached Trolls' Island, and he tried to destroy them. However, Time Q and Coincollector used an attack to get rid of him. He somehow survived and went to help Game Ruiner who was frozen by Time Q. Ovra then sent them a message telling them to meet the "boss" and left a black block for Smoke. It turned out to be Luigi with a vacuum that sucked Smoke in. He will reappear in other chapters of the comic.


Smoke makes a small appearance along with Maria Thalia 01 in the comic Changes made by D.C.. Smoke and Maria approach D.C. as she returned to the wiki and ordered her to give them everything she had. However, both trolls were fooled, since instead of anything valuable, they're given candy.

The Legendary Heroes

Smoke appears in The Legendary Heroes as a main villain. He first appears in the Whoa Zone attacking BabyLuigiOnFire, but 2257 stops him. Smoke prepares to fight 2257, but he sees Pyro and instantly flees because he recognizes him as a legendary hero.


  • He created a wiki called Anti-MW with articles about users from SMW and middle finger pictures on them. It can be found here.

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