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YK Tank.png
Member of: Super Mario Wiki
Rank Sysop
Species Yoshi/Kong hybrid
Location Australia
Join date September 29, 2011
Gender Male
Specialty/Most Active Uploading artwork
Score 20,000+ edits
Age 16

YoshiKong, also known as YK and sometimes Donkey Dino, is a current Sysop (formerly a Patroller) of the Super Mario Wiki. He registered on the 29th of September, 2011 under the name Benchip, and had a name change a few weeks afterwards. YoshiKong, as the name may imply, is a fan of the Yoshi and Kong species. He is a sixteen year-old male who lives in Australia.


Super Mario Wiki

YoshiKong joined the wiki with very little knowledge about wiki syntax, and he learned the ropes through much trial and error. His first major project was expanding the Wario Land 4 page and all related articles, which took almost a year. His specialty on the wiki is uploading high-quality artwork, which he either scans himself or obtains directly from press releases.

Super Mario Boards

Joining the forums on March the 1st, 2012, YoshiKong had much uncertainty about what to post, and he chose to use the wiki extension purely as a PM ground for over a month. On August 15, he made his first post (which was also his first created topic) in the Wiki Collaborations board. It was only until October that year where he began to post in other boards. He is currently know as Shokora there.

The 'Shroom

YoshiKong first applied for The 'Shroom's position of Projects Seeking Contributors for Pipe Plaza. His application was seen in 2012's holiday edition. He later obtained the Community Report position as well. This was due to the inactivity of Bop1996 (who had previously wrote the section). YoshiKong filled in for Bop the first month he was inactive, and began to consecutively write it under the title of "guest writer" consecutively for a few months afterwards. Eventually, YoshiKong became the sole writer of the Community Report.

Sometime in March, Shoey suggested on the 'Shroom Staff board that the old abandoned 'Shroom Spotlight project be brought back. Spotlight used to be a monthly section which focused on a game article which required improvement on the wiki, and acted as a collaboration for users to help improve that article. It was originally founded by Xzelion and later managed by Marioguy1, before it was abandoned. It was suggested that YoshiKong would make a good new manager in reforming the project, and he gladly accepted the 'Shroom Staff position as the Spotlight Manager. The first edition in over a year was seen in the April 2013's 'Shroom issue, and the project has become very successful since.


During late December 2012, YoshiKong was nominated by Walkazo to become a Wiki Patroller. On April 1st, he officially became the 'Shroom Spotlight director, which is a 'Shroom staff position. In early May 2013, during Promotion Week, YoshiKong was promoted to Wiki Sysop by Glowsquid.


YoshiKong's personality varies on the mood he is in. If someone gave him a foot rub and some grapes just before he was about to post a comment, that comment would likely to sound laid back with a drizzle of humor. He also tends to sound less like a prick when he's talking to close friends. YoshiKong reserves his serious personality for wiki-based discussions.


<Shoey> now that i'm not an admin you have to take over checking over the fa's for me
<YK> I sure will.
<Shoey> you better or else i'll steal all your cookies and the kong half of you
<YK> Then I'll just be Yoshi no Cookie, get it?
<Shoey> I hate you yoshikong

YoshiKong and Shoey on the MarioWiki Forums

<YK> I'm too shy.
<Yoshi876> We're all shy, but sometimes we just have to dive in
<YK> But I don't like the temperature of the water.
<Yoshi876> Then slowly put your toe, followed by the rest of the body
<YK> I think I'll just sunbake.

YoshiKong and Yoshi876 on the MarioWiki Forums.

<Shokora>: Some people have it easy, but others have to work their arse off all their lives
<Madikoopa>: It all has to do with what you're born into, I guess.
<Icemario>: So life is a luck-based thing?
<Shokora>: Yeah, just like your Mario Party game
<Shokora>: stars are wages
<Shokora>: and opponents are other people trying to get your job application
<Shokora>: and minigames are real life situations
<Shokora>: sometimes they involve gambling
<Madikoopa>: ^This should be a quote somewhere.
<DragonFreak>: Life is like Mario Party game.
<Gomamon>: playy as luigi
<Gomamon>: he wins by doing nothing
<Shokora>: Luigi is the employee of the year

YoshiKong (Shokora) and other users in #mwchat, comparing real life with a Mario Party game.

<YoshiKong>: Sounds like a fair way to go in such situations. I support the idea.
<Crocodile Dippy>: the fuck are you doing awake past midnight go to bed
<YoshiKong>: But coffee mate, it's insane.
<Tucayo>I support the idea and YK going to bed. These kids nowadays.
<YoshiKong>: My bedtime is when your girlfriend rolls over SNAP.
<Tucayo>: BUUUUURN

YoshiKong and some other 'Shroom staff, discussing the finer points of wiki politics.


YoshiKong wrote a story in chat, known as YK and the Curious Catastrophes of His New School, which is based on a real-life event.

Mario Awards

YoshiKong has won first place in the following awards for the annual MarioWiki Anniversary.


  • S3 – Favorite Sub-Director/Leading Staff
  • S6 – Favorite New Writer



  • In real life, YoshiKong has eidetic memory.

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