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Pyrite Mask Sheet

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Orgins and recipe

Named after its effects on its first victim Pyrite Mask Sheets are a type of paper made of Stygum Salt Powder and and Chuckola berry paste to make the pulp and the mount sheet must be a 13 Kelven (13 Celcius degrees above absolute zero) Cryogenically frozen Rainwing Venom with an Isogen-Dalekanium alloy sheet soaked in the pulp for 54 hours 36 minutes and 21.655321 secondsThe Ink must be a balanced combonation of 50% Chuckola sap and 50% Tanitite fluid


if no text is written on the sheet than it will have no effects. It is often used as a way to build an army out of prison camps due to the Miasma it leaves behind if left on the bearer for more than a few hours and can create a life-or-death relasionsip beetween the wearer and the sheet that is stronger than the 'one ring to rule them all'


  • The entire recipe for the sheets is littered with refrences to nerd stories