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Welcome to Userpedia!

We are currently working on 1,945 articles on everything user-based

Featured Article

Title screen for Spirit Lies

Userpedia: Spirit Lies (previously known as The Userpedia RPG, and Userpedia: Tale of a Dissolving Spirit) is a cancelled game that was being developed by Agonizing Masterpiece Productions, based around a stylised version of the MarioWiki and its community. Regarded as one of the very first playable Wiki-based video games, Spirit Lies was initially a one-man pet project by Stooben Rooben before he added more members to the game-making process which later became the group Agonizing Masterpiece Productions. During the year it spent in development, several demos were released and were known for their brutal difficulty and awkward level design. (More...)

Featured Fiction

Nabberture Science
Created by: Nabber

Nabberture Science is a cancelled story by Nabber, which focused on Smasher and Dempsey trapped inside the Portal-inspired Nabberture Science. The characters met Portal-styled variations of some users, and the fiction, despite the premise, was critically acclaimed.

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Gamefreak75 performing a Wess Dance by Edofenrir.

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