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Lord Bowser

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I can already imagine the shitstorm I'm about to start but

who or what the fuck is nico

Lord Bowser, being ignorant about anime

Lord Bowser
Member of: Super Mario Boards, Super Mario Wiki
Species Ox turtle thingy
Location Bowser's Castle
Join date January 19, 2013
Gender Male
Aliases oh boy...
Age 16

Lord Bowser is a male user of the Super Mario Wiki and the Super Mario Boards. He is known for his several name changes throughout the years and his fetish liking for Roger Smith, a character from the show American Dad!.


LB first joined the wiki on January 19, 2013, under the name Kindle, due to the fact that he was uncreative as fuck and he was browsing the wiki on a Kindle then. He started out by creating and editing Paper Mario: Sticker Star articles, because some evil curse came down upon him and made him like the game; fortunately, he was able to overcome this curse a few months later. Not even a month after he first joined the wiki, he got his first name change, going from Kindle to Goomba; this would set the precedent for the hundreds of thousands of name changes he would have in the coming years.

LB also ran a shop on his talk page, mostly specializing in the "selling" of items from the Paper Mario series. He had a decent run until user shops were banned shortly afterwards. On the wiki, he made a lot of acquaintances, such as Cubeguy, The Red One, A Paragoomba and the Koopa Bros., and some other people he can't remember right now.

Later, on March 5, 2013, LB made an account on the forums under the name Goombar (since Goomba was already taken), mostly posting about random stuff from Paper Mario and participating in forum games (though regrettably not Mafia). He joined the Awards Committee a few weeks later, but he assumes he didn't do very much since he can't remember anything about it. That same month, he applied to the 'Shroom; his first application was denied, but he was accepted the second time around, and wrote for the Fake News team as the Shop Scout. Unfortunately, in July of that year, he was forced off of the wiki and forums due to a house fire that caused major damage to his home; he came back late the following December, and resumed writing for the 'Shroom as the Shop Scout for a few months. In mid-August of that year, he left the 'Shroom and the wiki due to general boredom with Mario, and remained gone until July 2016, when he decided to try and make a comeback.

On the forums, he was a relatively unknown user during 2014 and early 2015, going on numerous hiatuses for various reasons. He posted infrequently, gaining the rank of "King Bowser" in May of 2013 and not moving up for three years until June 2016. Later in 2015, his post rate began increasing as he tried connecting more with the community, but halted once again due to a hiatus in early 2016. After he came back from said hiatus in April, his post rate really took off, as he began to get closer with the community by frequenting Mindless Junk. At the advice of Stargazing, he began visiting IRC in July, and made friends with users such as DragonFreak, Meta Knight, and ThePeachinator. Also, in June, he finally got into playing Mafia by participating in GBAToad's Lylo Mafia.


LB considers himself a pretty laid-back kind of guy, but puts in effort into tasks he enjoys, such as his 'Shroom sections and his drawing requests. He's normally a pretty nice guy, but can sometimes inadvertently be insensitive to other users' problems, due to him not really being able to relate.

In both the forums and in real life, LB doesn't usually let teases from random people affect him, but when it comes from people who he cares about or people who care about him, he tends to take it quite personally and sometimes even overreacts. LB also admittedly struggles with jealousy towards other, more popular users, and also with his false mentality that nobody really cares about him, but is trying to work on that.

LB enjoys games from the Kirby series, the Mario Kart series, the Mother series, and the Smash Bros. series, along with most of the Mario RPG's. His favorite video games of all time include;

  1. Mother 3
  2. Kirby: Planet Robobot
  3. EarthBound
  4. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  5. Super Smash Bros. Melee
  6. Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
  7. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
  8. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
  9. Kirby: Triple Deluxe
  10. Luigi's Mansion

LB is also a fan of various TV shows, such as American Dad! (shocker huh), Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls, Family Guy, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and Boy Meets World. However, he is almost completely ignorant on anime, as evidenced by his quote at the top of the page and how he has only seen the Kirby and Pokemon animes.

List of usernames

This is all of the usernames that LB has gone under as far as he can remember, and somewhat in order. Names with asterisks are his more well-known names.

An OC that Puddin made for LB, combining Roger Smith and Bowser into one holy amalgamation.
  • Kindle
  • Goomba
  • Goombar
  • Mr. Game & Watch*
  • Lord Bowser*
  • Roger Smith*
  • Stanford Pines
  • Stanley Pines
  • Mabel Pines
  • Captain Falcon
  • Gourmet Guy
  • Mani Mani


If Rosalina was beaten to death by a group of drunken Lumas, what would you do?

Question asked on Star's ask thread

<RoyTattletales>: lb
<Lord_Bowser>: roy
<RoyTattletales>: if you wanna draw something
<Lord_Bowser>: I am not doing jigglypuff
<RoyTattletales>: draw my new oc
<RoyTattletales>: please
<Lord_Bowser>: "kirby related"
<Lord_Bowser>: sorry roy
<Peachinator>: Not doing jigglypuff omg
<RoyTattletales>: you've drawn too much Kirby lately
<Peachinator>: you all make me laugh sometimes
<RoyTattletales>: take a break from Kirby would you
<Peachinator>: Kirby is awesome though
<nico>: what if kirby is his waifu
<nico>: u cant take a break froom ur waifu
<RoyTattletales>: as proven by tfp, right tfp
<LenWan>: Should your favorite game show hosts try other genres of TV shows out because they do too much game shows?
<Lord_Bowser>: nico is right
<LenWan>: Think about it.
<nico>: sure
<RoyTattletales>: huh
<Peachinator>: ^
<RoyTattletales>: interesting thought there ln1
<Cynder>: "take a break from kirby" <---words i never heard say and never expected to say
<Lord_Bowser>: I know I'm shocked
<RoyTattletales>: well I mean
<Uniju>: thats enough kirbys dragon freak
<RoyTattletales>: from drawing Kirby
<Uniju>: its time to go to preschool
<Uniju>: and play with playdough
<Lord_Bowser>: kirby is amazing ok

LB, Roy, and others arguing over Kirby

this thread in a nutshell

"oh I'm [insert orientation]"
"what even is this analogy"
"this soda is better than this soda"
"I am x% gay"
"pink stars are (not) gay"
"this water is better than this water"
"rayquaza that cutie"
"let's try to make sense of assignedmale.com"
"wait but I like different drinks than soda what am I"
"let's try to make sense of tumblr"

In response to the sexual orientation thread on MJ

Relationships with other users

Unlike most users, LB doesn't really have a forum best friend or something similar; he gets along with everyone relatively equally. However, there are still a few standouts for him, which include;


Star is one of LB's older and closer friends on the forum, and LB often seeks guidance from him whenever he's feeling down. They used to joke around a lot back in 2014, especially in Star's ask thread, evidenced by the above quote.


Baby Luigi (along with her sister, LeftyGreenMario) often helped out LB on the wiki back when he was an active editor, and LB went straight to BLOF for guidance when he came back from his 2-year hiatus from editing. LB also shares his newfound love of Rick and Morty with the twins.


While LB and DF didn't really get to know each other until recently, they quickly became good friends due to each of them enjoying Kirby and Mother. LB often asks her random questions on her ask thread, usually being related to Kirby.

Roy Koopa

Like DF, LB and Roy didn't know much about each other until fairly recently, once LB started going onto chat more often. The two now commonly talk to each other in the chatroom and often cross paths in Mindless Junk as well, with LB unsuccessfully trying to convince Roy that pink stars are gay.


Lord Bowser has also done a few (well, 2 really) LP's on the forum.

  • His first LP was made back in September of 2014 and was on Tomodachi Life, using Miis from various forumers. The main thing that happened here was that everyone got high off their asses from mushrooms supplied by Edo. The thread can be found here.
  • His second LP was made in June of 2016 and was on Super Mario RPG, but he later abandoned the game due to him getting bored with it. The original thread can be found here.
  • He is also in the process of starting a third LP of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, but as of the time of this writing is uncertain about when it will begin.


Lord Bowser in real life
  • LB is openly bisexual.
  • LB's birthday is on December 3, 1999.
  • LB lives in California, although he lives nowhere near LGM and BLOF.
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