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These are the rules that apply to the chatroom #userpedia. If you have any problems with these rules please say so on the talk page and we will try to handle your request immediately.

Rules of #userpedia

  • Please take note of the fact that the following rules are subject to change by the Operators of #userpedia at any given time.
  • If you fail to abide by the rules, you will be kicked.
    • If you break these rules, your punishment will be based upon the seriousness of your actions and which rules are broken. There is no set amount of kicks you have to accumulate in order to get banned.
    • Evading a ban will result in your ban duration being doubled than what it initially was.
  1. Be kind to your fellow chatters. We advise that you keep your cool, and avoid making rude comments. Although one or two minorly rude comments might be unavoidable, don't go overboard and start flaming one another.
  2. Use your nick that you use on Userpedia or the forums, or a name that you are well known by. If nobody can tell who you are by looking at your nick, you will be kicked (this rule does not apply to those who have not registered accounts on the wiki or forum).
  3. If you impersonate another member of our site, you will be kicked.
  4. Userpedia is not a porn site. In other words, don't go into graphic detail about a sexual act or link to pictures of porn. The occasional innuendo and sexual jokes are allowed, but failure to comply with this rule can result in a permanent ban.
  5. No spamming. It's common sense what is spam and what is not. If you keep typing "adsfasdfkajsdfklajsoiejfaldk" on more than just a few occasions, you will be kicked.
  6. No flooding. In other words, no posting more than 5 lines of content that can fit easily into one line close together.
  7. Don't be a troll. Baiting another person into arguments or saying something that is angering will result in a kick. Saying minor insults is acceptable a few times, but repeatedly saying things that one or more people feel is trolling is unacceptable, and you will be kicked by an op if they interperet such lines as trolling.
  8. Linking to ROM sites (not the ROMs themselves) in moderation is fine. Just note that we have no affiliation with these types of sites and will not tolerate you supplying a definitive link to wares that are illegal.
  9. Do not engage in a flame war. If a user is trolling you or flaming you, query an operator and provide your reasoning and request a kick. Do not go out of your way to get another user kicked for minor things, or else you yourself will be kicked. If you engage in a flame-war or start trolling a user who is annoying you, then you will be kicked for disturbing the peace of the chatroom.
  10. If a chatter is breaking a rule, do not publicly request a kick, or you will be kicked for mini-modding. If you feel a user is breaking a rule, query an operator. If there are no operators around, inform the next #userpedia operator that enters the chatroom.
  11. No cyberbullying is allowed. If a user is constantly insulting you, please use /ignore to avoid any problems. An operator will see what is going on and will kick any unruley users. If you see that a user is bullying another user, inform an operator as soon as possible.
  12. Please do not share too much personal information about yourself or others in the chatroom. You may post photos of yourself if you wish to do so, but you cannot post pictures of other chatroom users unless they announce in the chatroom that they approve of you posting such things.