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These are the rules that apply to the chatroom #userpedia. If you have any problems with these rules please say so on the talk page and we will try to handle your request immediately.

Rules of #userpedia

  • Please take note of the fact that the following rules are subject to change by the Operators of #userpedia at any given time.
    1. userpedia is a chatroom that was designed to be less strict than #mariowiki, thus the rules here will allow a little more leeway.
  • If you fail to abide by the rules, you will be kicked.
    • If you are kicked a total of four times from #userpedia, you will face a ban from the chatroom. The duration of the ban will be up to the Operator who has initiated the ban.
    • Evading a ban will result in your ban duration being doubled.
  1. Be kind to your fellow chatters. The occasion rude comment is fine, but don't go overboard and start flaming one another.
  2. Use your own nick. Seriously, there's a reason you have your own name -- so people can recognize you. If you use a nick that makes you appear to be someone you're not, you will be kicked. (This does not apply if you don't have an account on Userpedia or it's forums.)
  3. Userpedia is not a porn site. In other words, don't go into graphic detail about a sexual act or link to pictures of porn. The occasional innuendo is fine, but use your head.
  4. No spamming. It's common sense what is spam and what is not. If you keep typing "adsfasdfkajsdfklajsoiejfaldk" on more than just a few occasions, you will be kicked.
  5. No flooding. In other words, no posting 6 or more lines of stuff that can fit easily into one line close together.
  6. Don't be a troll. Baiting another person or saying something that is angering will result in a kick.
  7. Linking to ROM sites (not the ROMs themselves) in moderation is fine. Just note that we have no affiliation with these types of sites and will not tolerate you supplying a definitive link to wares that are illegal.