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These are the rules that apply to the chatroom #userpedia. If you have any problems with these rules please say so on the talk page and we will try to handle your request immediately.

Note: These rules are only temporary, as our Steward, Stooben Rooben, has approved them until further notice.


  1. There is a five strike system, where the fifth kick results in a two hour ban. If the user tries to further evade a ban, their ban length will be doubled.
  2. Flooding is not allowed, unless the chatroom is "dead". A user may be kicked if they post 6 lines of irrelevant text if a conversation is going on. This amount of lines is extended to 8 if lyrics to songs are being posted.
  3. Referring to any user in any way to insult them is not allowed. To ellaborate, saying "F*** you" (without the censors) is okay, but if you post something like "F*** you, a**hole" (again, without the censors) is not allowed because you are calling them an a**hole, which is a flame and will result in a kick.
  4. Please do not say anything that is obviously for the purpose of angering or upsetting another chatter. This being something that is not usually obvious, please be careful not to appear that you may be doing it. If this is done the offending user will be kicked.
  5. No in depth conversations about sexually-related matters and no posting links to legal or illegal porn. This will automatically result in an indefinite ban.
  6. You become an operator by being active and responsible, not by asking for it or being popular. Please refrain from constantly asking to be an operator.
  7. Please do not link to things that are illegal such as ROMs, mp3s, etc. If it breaks a law, we do not want it in our chatroom. Posting illegal content will result in an indefinite ban.
  8. Bots are allowed, and there is no nick-abuse rule. Most users in #userpedia often go to other chatrooms to roleplay, do something random, are on another chatroom where their username is different from their Userpedia one, etc.
  9. Though there is no nick-abuse rule that is not grounds for impersonating another user and that will be basis for the impersonating user to be kicked. Impersonating means using that user's name or another name that closely resembles that user's name.


  1. You became an operator by being active and responsible, if you are deoped it is not a punishment, it just means that you aren't quite better than everybody else.
  2. Operators don't get an extra chance like some people have assumed (deop, kick, ban), the rules are exactly the same for them as they are for everyone else (deop and kick, ban).
  3. Do not abuse your power. Kicking or banning users who did nothing against the rules will result in your demotion.