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Member of: Chronologically
  • Super Mario Wiki1
  • Userpedia2
  • Classic Nintendo Wiki3
  • GamePro4
Species Axem Ranger
Gender Male
Allies Stooben Rooben, Bloc Partier, SmartyGuy11, Neptune, Toadette 4evur, Crypt Raider, and many others
Likes Heavy metal, playing PS3, people with a dark sense of humor, heavy metal, hunting, baseball, heavy metal.
Dislikes Stupid people, annoying people, lazy people...people.
Aliases GM, Glitchy, G-Man, Chuck Norris (he wishes)
Age *Real World=14
*Wiki World=18

Glitchman is a user of the Super Mario Wiki. He is not very active, but has appeared in several comics, including several that were lost after the fall of Scribblewiki. He made a formal retirement from the Mariowiki early in 2009 (about two years after he joined), but he promised to remain active on Userpedia. But mostly he is only seen doing minor edits once every couple of months, and is thought of as a shadow in the Wiki.

A Glitched History

Like most users, Glitchman joined the wiki in 2007 as a n00b. He edited very little and was not very social. But eventually he warmed up to the online scene and began creating his own articles, rewriting pages, and talking with other users. He made many friends, but one of his best friends on the Wiki was Stooben Rooben, who he met by asking for advice on Mario Kart: Double Dash. He joined the maintenance committee and became an interviewer for the 'Shroom for several months, but never got the promotion that he had always wanted. Almost two years after he joined, he tired of the MarioWiki and announced his formal retirement. He stayed retired for about seven months, but just recently has come back to chat and make some minor edits.


Terror of the Trolls

Glitchman first appeared in Issue #11 of Terror of the Trolls, and also appeared in the next issue. StarNeptune trapped him in his troll truck, but he was rescued by the main characters. After this he joined the group.

The Glitches in Life

This is Glitchman's own comic, as is evident by the name. He is the main character and appears in every issue, but the comic does not follow a set storyline.

Friday Night Live

Made a cameo in Episode 8.


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