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Friday Night Live

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Friday Night Live
Creator Paper Jorge
Debut February 16th, 2009
Genre Comedy
Latest Issue Issue 1
Rating E for Everyone

Friday Night Live is a comedy comic series by Paper Jorge. Although originally Jorge said he would quit Userpedia he has decided to stay except Server's End and Ten Thousand Trolls and Rush Wiki will remain on hiatus or just cancelled forever. Friday Night Live is a parody of Saturday Night Live.

Friday Night Live, unlike SNL, will contain more than just skits-it will contain interviews, trivia games, cameos, and even the original skits of SNL and much more. In the series, the show room is actually Wayoshi's private home theatre but Paper Jorge took over it and turned it into a whole stage, bringing furniture and his own desk in as well as decorating it and installing a laptop up to the television. Although Wayo was mad at first he decided to let Jorge own it. Each issue will be released on Friday (there will be exceptions) and not exactly at 9:00. Jorge compares FNL to Brawl in the Family because both comics are updated Fridays (although BitF is also updated Mondays).

Episodes and Issues

Promo Episode

Episode 1



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