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EVE: The First Galactic war/The tyrant's plan

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What is it! Kim Jon Yong exclaimed as the door to his office opened and a lanky man entered his office. I am here to Reprent the United States of America. He said. Oh great, Trump's ambassador is here. Thought the tyrant. The presedent would like you to stop running nuklear tests or the UN will get involved. We both dont want that to happen, do we. continued the embassy. I will do what I see fit for Korea. Kim Jon Yong awnsered back. After sevral minutes with the Tyrant, the ambassadorr left the room and the tyrant went back to suffling his papers, finally unearthing one that was marked ORCHESTRA on it. Kim Jon Yong promptly turned off all surveylance systems except the IR alarm and launched his mac. On it he opened a spreadsheet. Soon. He thought as the math chained out before is eyes. Yes, soon, very soon.