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==Story links==
==Story links==
[[The tyrant's plan|Chapter One]]
[[EVE: The First Galactic war/The tyrant's plan|Chapter One]]

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This is based off of a MMORPG I want to get


  • The Mittanni: A evil genius kind of guy thouh he is actually a protaganist in the story, Goonswarm, Amarr pureblood male
  • BroccollyGuy: Sly short-tempered and opionated protaganist, varies beetween CFC and an indepent alliance, Gallente pureblood male
  • EvilBob: BroccollyGuy's 'little brother' a leap before you look type of guy, PL, Caldari Civere male
  • CosmicBowser: A revenge is best seved cold and strike while the iron is hot kind of guy, CFC, Amarr pureblood male
  • Bunny1785: a all round semiadvanced quick to learn gamer, An indepent faction, Gallente pureblood male
  • Sort Dragon: A CFC commander rough n tough kind of guy, Amarr pureblood male
  • unnamed goons:
  • unnamed PL soliders:
  • unnamed TEST aliance menbers:
  • Jita Tradesmen:
  • CONCORD members:
  • Logrithm: a Crazy old lady next door type person and BroccollyGuy's sister, TEST aliance please ignore, Minmatarr Vherokior female
  • Band of Brothers refugees: various races, various personalities, all hate Goonswarm
  • Manfred Sidious: PL commander calm and methodical but comes online and offline regularly, Amarr pureblood Male
  • Vince Draken: another PL commander agregressive and stubborn, Amarr pureblood male
  • The Orchestrator: intelligent and viewed as a sixer and leader without an army, Gallente pureblood male
  • Unnamed musicians (they are not music, they are good at orchestration; get it)
  • Trump: he is ... Well ... TRUMP
  • Jim Jon Yong: little is known about north korea
  • extras:

I will add these later

Story links

Chapter One