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Cosnicu star system

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The Cosnicu star system (pronunced Coh-sink-uh) is the nearest star system to ... Uuuh ...(whatever the star system this wiki is part of lets make its moon annderrvon (and-ur-vohn))penitus (uuuhs added for humor)


  • 2 earth days = 1 cosnicu day
  • 1 cosnicu month = 16 earth months
  • 1 earth year = 4 cosnicu years


average cold temperatures and low wind speeds/chills. The planet has 2 seasons simallar to auttum and spring.


The planet is rich in surface ore as the whole planet is qote split in half by a volcanic fissure crumnavigates the planet over meridian 0 and meridian 180 where a small amount of mild volcanic activity (enough tolubricate the fissure and keep the 2 halves of the planet spinning independently in oppisite dirrections at different speeds) this led to permanant camps along the volcano to study and update star charts for the planet to prevent flight problems the planet is mostly powered by geothermal energy