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I went over, and, bizzarely, it was true. It looked so out of place:
I went over, and, bizzarely, it was true. It looked so out of place:
{| class="collapsible autocollapse" style="border:1px solid gray; width:100%; font-size:11px; font-family:Arial; text-align:center"
{| class="mw-collapsible" style="border:1px solid gray; width:100%; font-size:11px; font-family:Arial; text-align:center"
!bgcolor=white colspan=2 style="font-size:12px" align=left|<center>'''<u>JANUARY BIN COLLECTIONS</u>'''</center>
!bgcolor=white colspan=2 style="font-size:12px" align=left|<center>'''<u>JANUARY BIN COLLECTIONS</u>'''</center>

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Part 13: A Shocking Discovery Part 14: Late Night Garbage Run Part 15: Sysop Tower Investigation
Part 14: Late Night Garbage Run

by MrConcreteDonkey

"I'd say it probably has some significance." Said Ralphfan, "This area has been sealed off since the morning after the crime. It must have happened just before the murder."
"Why couldn't it have happened earlier?" I asked.
Smasher entered the conversation. "Well," Began Smasher, "If you look at the side of the bin, there's a list of the times it gets emptied. The last time was 9PM, Tuesday 21st. An hour before the murder!"
"What, 9PM? That's a strange time for the bins to be collected." I protested, "Are you sure you're reading that right?"
"I certainly am, come and take a look yourself."

I went over, and, bizzarely, it was true. It looked so out of place:

Friday, January 4th - 8:00AM

Sunday, January 13th - 2:00PM
Tuesday, January 21st - 9:00PM
Monday, January 27th - 11:00AM
Thursday, January 30th - 7:30AM

Wiki Garbage Collections™
Collecting your bins...
Because nobody else wants to.

"I think that's pretty arrogant, putting their name in the corner, especially for something this small." Neu said.
I said, "I think it's rather useful."
"What? It doesn't tell us anything!" Ralphfan shouted.
"Doesn't it? Doesn't it raise the possibility that the murder was connected to the garbage collectors?" I began.
"Ohhh...I see what you mean. Somebody from there could have planned the murder, and changed the timetable to suit the murder. So...that would mean this murder wasn't committed by a troll?" He asked me.
I began "If what we can deduce is more than a theory, then yes. Also, why would a troll kill other trolls?"
"We don't directly known the two incidents were linked yet." Smasher said.
"Come on," I began, "It's not hard to deduce. The killer of the trolls had to kill them between 9PM and 10PM. It's hardly likely two unlinked incidents took place here on the same night, within the same hours nonetheless! Finally, look at this alleyway. The only place to hide would be inside the dumpster. Beanbean didn't show any shock or horror on her face, so she wasn't expecting the murder. Therefore, she didn't see her attacker, which means he was hiding in the dumpster."
"...But what if-"
"All of the other theories you may come up with are probably going to make less sense. No offense." I said.
Neu said "MCD is right. His theory has enough evidence for me to believe it, and I'm pretty skeptical about that kind of stuff."
"Alright, then. So, what you're saying is that a User killed the two trolls, then killed Beanbean?" Smasher asked me.
I replied "Yes. If we examined the bodies of the trolls further, we might be able to find out the exact time of death. Or at least, close enough to it."

Ralph and Neu stayed back at the crime scene, for more investiagtion, while me and Smasher found the address of the Wiki Maintenance (the company who owned "Wiki Garbage Collections", and a few other facilities) headquarters...or would you really call it "headquarters" for just emptying bins? The building was quite a way out of New Wikisburg, yet pretty large. There was a fairly large garage, full of garbage trucks, and some other large vehicles to perform other duties.

"Hello!" The receptionist said. "Welcome to Wiki Maintenance, performing all of your maintenance needs. Are you in need of a team of builders? Want a janitor or two? Two police detectives who, on the off chance, would like to investigate the Wiki Garbage Collection, and ask the employees a few questions, due to a strange colleciton time on the schedule?"
"Y-yes, that!" Smasher said.
"I was wondering when she was going to get there..." I told him.
The receptionist led us to an elevator "Right this way, sirs. Press button number 3 for the Wiki Garbage Collection. Press any of the other buttons, I rip your face off. Enjoy!"
We were both shocked at this, even though we knew she was joking. We pressed the third button, and, as expected, we arrived at the Garbage Collection. Somebody told me, "Hi MCD!" It was a familiar voice, somebody who must have talked to me a week ago or so.

I turned around and, in front of me, saw Goombella.
"Oh, hi Goombella." I said.
"MCD!" She yelled. "Do you have any more evidence?!"
"E-evidence as to...who shot at you?" I asked.
"Of course! Well, do you?!" She asked.
I said "No w-we don't...you're certainly different from when I last saw you."
"Well, I was very shaken up then. Now I'm back to my usual happy self!" She said, "Who's your friend?"
"Oh, he's Smasher, a-"
"MCD!" Smasher yelled, "We're wasting time."
"Oh, right." I said, "Sorry. Actually, funny we bumped into you, we're currently investigating one of the murders that was parallel to your attempted murder, and we've come here because we want to talk to the boss. So, you work here?"
"Yeah, I've been working here for a while. Anyway, you've probably got to go, so I'll see you later." She said, almost pushing us away.

Me and Smasher then went to the boss' office. He tapped on the door, and was replied to with a gruff voice: "Who is it?" Somebody asked.
"MrConcreteDonkey, Smasher 101, MarioWiki State Pol-"
"Go away." He said.
I was shocked: "G-GO AWAY?! Are you kidding me? We're in the middle of a murder investigation here, this is important. If you don't let us in, we'll let ourselves in."
He grumbled "Fine. I'll talk."

The door creaked open, into an office. There was a blue carpet, packed white shelves, a desk, and the boss, sitting at a chair.

"Yeah, what do you want, I'm busy here, real busy business, sending out garbage trucks." He said.
"Uhh...well, we were investigating a homicide, and we looked at your schedule, and found something pretty strange." Smasher said. He showed him the timetable. "Why is the collection at 9PM on this day?"
"Oh. Yeah. Funny story about that, actually, too bad it doesn't mean anything. A new employee was hired one day, called "McYoshi". Pretty quiet guy, strange name, came once, never saw him again. He made a suggestion we tried collecting the bins late, just to see how that worked out. It was terrible. Really, awful. Anyway, that's the story, nobody cares, goodbye."
"Wait..." I said. The name of the user rung a bell somewhere. "What was the guy's name again?"
"McYoshi. BrownMcYoshi. Got that yet, egghead?"
Of course the name rung a bell: BrownMcYoshi was one of the users who opposed my proposal. Why would he join this, and change that one date, just in one da-

My phone rang. "Hello, who's there?"
"MCD, it's Ralph. You've got to get back to the station, right now."
"Okay, calm down."
"This isn't a calm situation. Get back here, now, quickly!"
Ralph disconnected. Whatever it was, this didn't sound good.