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Corruption/Part 11

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Intermission: A Man and his Doomship Part 11: Two Murders and a Funeral Part 12: My Revenge
Part 11: Two Murders and a Funeral

by MrConcreteDonkey

MCD's P.O.V.

After Neurario received the phone call from Jorge, we all rushed to our car. While Ralph drove us to the scene of the murder, I was deep in thought:

Did we execute the right person? Is the murderer still at large?

I then reminded myself that when we found Scorpion, he was holding N's strangled body. He couldn't have been innocent. These thoughts troubled me so much, I didn't notice that we had arrived at the scene already. There was a large crowd there, including a sadness-ridden Jorge. They were crowding around the body, but at a safe distance. It, indeed, was Beanbean. Me and BMB put up some police tape, while Ralph erected the tent. Neu decided to question the onlookers for anything suspicious they may have seen or heard in the night.

While I was in the tent, my mobile phone began to ring. Mr bones was calling me.

"Hello?" I said.
"Hey, MCD. It's Mr bones." He replied.
"I know. I'm in the middle of a murder investigation here, what do you want?"
Mr bones was shocked "A murder?"
"Yeah, I know. We thought we got the suspect, bu-"
"No," he said, "That's not why I'm shocked. I'm shocked, because MCSoulja's dead body is lying out on my street."

I couldn't believe my ears. I couldn't speak for a few seconds, until I said: "Uh, why don't you set your team on it? We've got bigger problems at the moment."
Mr bones was even more shocked than before: "MCD, the minor team doesn't deal with stuff this big." "Fine," I groaned, "Me and Neu will be right over. Get the rest of your team over to the alleyway between 5th Avenue and 6th, because that's where the other murder is."
"Okay, see you soon."

I grabbed Neu from his interviewing and told him what had happened. I also told BMB and Ralph, and then we set off to Mr bones' house. While on the way there, a user on the side of the road lifted up her hand, trying to get our attention. We stopped by the side of the road. Neu saw her, and stopped. I rolled down my window.

"Hello, ma'am. We're in kind of a rush, so what do you want?"
"Uhh, my name i-is Goombella," She began, very flabbergasted. "Last night I was w-walking home fr-rom w-work w-when-n..."
I questioned, "When what?"
"Someb-bod-dy tried to s-shoot...me..."

Another serious crime, all in one night? I didn't have time to stop, so I told her to get in the back seat and tell us everything that had happened.

At some point, Neu asked her, "Did you hear your attacker's footsteps?"
"Yes." She confidently replied, now feeling safer and calmer. "They were very heavy footed, and their footsteps sounded like...maybe a Yoshi's, or a Koopa's?"
"Okay then," Continued Neu, "Did you see anything?"
"I saw a flash of orange. I don't know where on the body, but there was orange somewhere."
"Good. That will help in finding a suspect, thank you."

A few minutes later, we were at Mr bones' house. There were a lot less people than at Beanbean's murder, because he only lived in a quite, little suburb, but there was the murdered MCS, on the pavement. We asked Mr bones to question the witnesses, and then question Goombella again. We put up the small amount of police tape we had left, and our spare tent, and then began to investigate. Judging by where the wound was, the murderer knew how to make the death quick and painless. This might have hinted that the murderer was very knowledgeable, but it was too early to come to any conclusions. The dagger was missing. The murderer knew to remove it. This meant we had next to no way of finding evidence, and further supported the claim that the killer was smart.

When we were done here, it was about the time Ralph, BMB and the minor team had finished up with Bean's murder scene. Mr bones didn't get a lot of new evidence, from Goombella or the surrounding users. It seemed like a long time, but was only about lunchtime. After a day of long work, I decided to take us all out to one of the many fast food restaurants around New Wikisburg. When we met up there, we discussed the results of the day and then ordered on the food. While we were sitting there, Smasher 101 saw something interesting on the news, which the television in the restaurant was displaying. After the story about the two murders and the attempted murder, it was announced that Porplemontage and the Sysops had decided on the date of the funerals of Gamefreak75 and the rest of the Major team. After this moment of feeling somber, our food had arrived.

We were cops, and, boy, did we eat like cops. Virtually everyone had an extra large meal, and each of us were finished in less than 15 minutes. BMB probably ate the most out of all of us, which we found especially strange, since he was the smallest out of us. When we returned to the police station, after about 15 minutes, we received a phone call. The caller reported two trolls on the south side of the city. Ralph, BMB and me went out to deal with it.

When we got there, we saw Smoke, who had been missing for over a year, and Jakebastille, who, after an airship he was in was shot down, was believed to be dead.

And we were in for one hell of a battle.