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Chatroom Stats

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MarioWikiStats Top100.png
The Mario Wiki Stats
Creator Neurario, Yoshario, Jdrowlands
Started 13th January, 2009
Status Running

(January 13, 2009 - March 10, 2009 (Neurario #1))
(April 23, 2009 - June 13, 2009 (Neurario #2))
(July 30, 2009 - August 28, 2009 (Jdrowlands))

At a Glance - Top Users
#1 Paper Jorge
#2 Xpike
#3 Grapes
#4 TehDman
#5 Super-Yoshi

The MarioWiki Stats are a collection of Chatroom statistics, created and maintained by Neurario. Many Users have begun to talk more because of this, but the Stats are currently disabled. Later Yoshario brought them back, but it was again shut down.

They were ran once again from late July to late August of 2009 by Jdrowlands. It did not contain many of the features that Neu's did, but it included the top 25 users as well as a few other stats.


Neurario's version had five pages of information, and are sorted thus:

  • Main Page - The top 100 Users, as well as 100 runner-ups.
  • Top 20 Users - in-depth info and stats about the top 20 chatters.
  • In-Depth Info - A cross-section of activity on certain time periods
  • Random Stats - Charts of the top users in different aspects: smileys, attacks, etc.
  • Focus Groups - Team stats. Users are grouped into teams, usually from their Userpedia articles.


The stats began as an experiment to test a new program. As some people enjoyed seeing this information, he continued to generate it. Sometime in January 2009, Neurario switched from Perl IRC Stats Generator to mIRCStats, which had more features.

The stats survived to about March 8, when he disabled them for a week. This was due to the amount of people acting competitive over them. On March 15, Neu intended to return the stats, but as during the week he switched from mIRC to XChat, it was now incompatible with the stats. It is currently unknown whether Neurario will return the stats using another program (although Neu has claimed that he may return the stats in a different format in April).

On April 23rd, Neurario did indeed bring back the stats; adding data from August 2008 to January 2009, as well as some new features. It was updated at 12PM and 6PM (UTC+10).

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