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Agonizing Masterpiece Productions

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Agonizing Masterpiece Productions logo.

Agonizing Masterpiece Productions is a Userpedia collaborative project founded by Stooben Rooben in October of 2009. It was originally created to support Stooben's role-playing game Spirit Lies after he decided he would be unable to make it on his own. The other co-founding members of the project are Crocodile Dippy, Edofenrir, and 2257. The group has expanded since then; Stooben claims to have brought them on the project because "[he] love[s] [them] all so much. <3". Agonizing Masterpiece Productions lacks a proper organizational structure with the focus being on making any of the group's works fun for all involved, and members can choose whether or not they want to assist in a project without consequences.

The group's initial project was Spirit Lies, although due to a variety of complications the game had to be cancelled. While the team hasn't dismissed the idea of game-making, they believe AMP will be of more practical use for collaborative comic, story and sprite projects for the moment.


Current Works