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Zero Corps.

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Zero Corporations, more commonly known as Zero Corps. (also known as The System) is a company created and controlled by Zero777. The corporation's headquarters are in the Zero Corps. Tower located at New Wikisburg. It was created to achieve the studies of almost every field of mostly science, a bit of magic, and some science-magic, but currently it mostly a major weapons, vehicles, electronics, and other technology manufacture. It is also made as a secret homeland security system.


Zero Corps. is barely a new company with it beginning at the grand opening of the Zero Corps. Tower. Zero made the company to achieve in every field of study and to manufacture stuff to make everyday life convenient. When Zero is not in his office, controlling the work flow, his personal AI Hi-Tech will take over and maintain the flow. Hi-Tech observes the tower using Zero Corps.' many surveillance cameras, drones, and androids.

Zero Corps. Tower

The Zero Corps. Tower is the main HQ of Zero Corps.; it is located in New Wikisburg. The tower is 2,100 metres tall, over twice the as tall as the Burj Khalifa tower, the tallest tower in the real world, and projects for it to continue growing taller have been in movement for some time but are unconfirmed. The tower is so tall that it towers the skyline and anybody from the ground can look up and see the tower from anywhere, because of the tower's tall status.


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  • Zero's Cybernetics (Robotic Right Arm, Cybernetic Eye, etc.)
  • Sentinels (Drones)
  • A.O.T.S.
  • The Supervisor
  • Slip-Space Machine (Teleporters)
  • Time-Slip Machine (Time Machine, prototype and highly dangerous)
  • Time-Slip-Space Machine (a combination of the two above)
  • Projectors De-digitizers
  • Maser Vibration Sword (MVS) (swords that use micro-vibration in combination of heat to cut through almost anything)
  • Revolving Blade Sword (RBS) (swords that use small revolving blades, "teeth", in combination of heat to cut through almost anything)
  • Battle ships
  • Knightmare Frames (Mechs)
  • Laser Accelerator Cannon (LAC) (Only one made)
  • Manufactured super-human powers/abilities (come in shots, pills, clothing, etc.)
  • Air Ride Machines
  • Walking pad generators


NOTE: These appearances represent for the company as an entity Zero Corps. and/or the physical Zero Corps. Tower.


Zero Corps. is mention in Chapter 3, titled "(Ab)Normal Days", that somehow a troll got his hands on Nuke DPL, a weapon made by Zero Corps. Later, in Chapter 4 of Guise, YellowYoshi398 and Mastablasta go to Zero Corps. to meet with Zero. There, they learn that the trolls are smuggling weapons out using sockpuppets.

Scorpion's Story

Zero Corps. makes an appearance in Chapter 3, titled "Absolute Zero". Scorpion999 brings R into the cryogenic wing of the tower. In Chapter 4 Zero questions R why is she sabotaging Zero Corps. and its projects. R tells them that her client, Iras, wants his company gone because they have something that can stop Iras. When two sysops (later found out to be trolls in disguise) attacked Zero Corps., Zero, Scorpion, and R get into a gunship stored in Zero Corps. and fly off.

Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

The Prologue starts off with Zero in his office in the Zero Corps. Tower. A few chapters later, it is found out that the Planks took over the Zero Corps. Tower as their own base, taking advantage of the supply ready in their. Zero planned an assault against the base since the Sysop Palace was too dangerous to live at; the mission went was a success with no kills in The Résistance. It was later found that there were many test subjects in cryogenic freeze but most of them die, only two survived: Fire Kirby and Jake the Facepainted Dog. Ever since then, the Zero Corps. Tower is The Résistance new base of operation, headquarters. During the invasion of the Greases underground city, trolls moved into the Zero Corps. Tower and claimed it as a base. They were later surprise to find out that The Résistance owns this base. A battle ensued after each entity were aware of the other and the trolls were drove out of the tower.