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Yoshi K

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Yoshi K
Yoshi K.jpg
Member of: 5 point list
  1. Super Mario Wiki
  2. Userpedia
  3. MarioWiki Forums
Species Yoshi
Gender Male
Allies Anybody on the MarioWiki Forums that isn't banned
Likes Koopas, Yoshies, pizza, video games, rock music, guitars, the color red, the Internet, and probably some other stuff
Dislikes Mint, and not much else.
Aliases Koopa K, K, Typhlosion, Beach Troopa, Yoshi Claus, Nekomaru Nidai

Yoshi K (formerly known as Koopa K) is a user on the MarioWiki, MarioWiki Forums, and Userpedia.


First MarioWiki Stint

Yoshi K joined the MarioWiki in June 2011 after a few months as a guest, he was then known as Koopa K. He proceeded to be a somewhat active member there until leaving for unknown reasons in July of the same year.

Second MarioWiki Stint

Yoshi K was bored one day about a year later, and decided to get back on the MarioWiki after a year's hiatus, then got bored and left after a few days.

Third MarioWiki Stint

He decided to come back to the SMW in August of 2012, he was getting bored of it, and almost left again until he clicked on the link that said "Forum".

MarioWiki Forums

After joining, Yoshi K became an active member of the SMW Forums. Mostly posting in Forum Games, Mafia, and Mindless Junk. It was here that Yoshi K first developed his trademark username, Yoshi K. After joining the forums, Yoshi K applied for The 'Shroom (an online newspaper at the SMW) and pretty much lost all interest in the SMW. The only significant thing he has done since on the SMW is change his username.


Yoshi K joined Userpedia on February 8th, 2012 and created his userpage.


Post-Apocalypse: The Adventure

Yoshi K appears in Pokémon Trainer Red's story, Post-Apocalypse: The Adventure as Red's Typhlosion

User Big Brother 5

Yoshi K appeared in Smasher's UBB game. This was his first UBB game. He had to walk from the house shortly after the start of Week 4.


  • Yoshi K never introduced himself in the "Hi I'm new here!" thread on the MarioWiki Forums
  • Yoshi K was once confused for YoshiKong
  • Unlike most Red Yoshis, Yoshi K wears Red shoes instead of Blue ones

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