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YoshiGo99 SMW.png
Rank Site Order
  • Super Mario Wiki- User
  • Fantendo- User
  • MarioWiki Forums- Shine Sprite
  • Userpedia- User
Species Yoshi, Hammer Bro., Buzzy Beetle
Join date January 21, 2011
Gender Male
Allies Yoshidude99, Goomba's Shoe15, UltraMario3000, and many more
Likes ice cream, carrots, drawing, video games, TV, etc.
Age 14

YoshiGo99 (sometimes called YoshiGo) is a user on the Super Mario Wiki and Fantendo. He was one of the Mario Wiki's most active users. YoshiGo has an account on the Super Mario Boards, which he visits more often than the wiki. He also has made a few games on Fantendo.

SuperMario Wiki

Finding the Wiki

YoshiGo99 was searching for help on one of his favorite games, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door in 2007. He found a link and clicked on it and it lead him straight to the Wiki. He couldn't believe the site had everything on Mario. He didn't join at the time because he thought he was way too young to join the Wiki. He always went on when he needed to find info on things in the games he has or when he wanted to draw characters and enemies. When his family bought a laptop he went on the wiki everyday to check for new images and one day he found a link that took him to Fantendo.

Joining the Wiki

YoshiGo99 joined the wiki on January 21, 2011. He mainly edited on the galleries until he made some friends and created his userpage, then he edited on articles other than galleries. The first person he talked to was Kaptain K. Rool, who helped him with many things before getting blocked, which YoshiGo99 was upset about. His very first friend was Diddy Kong vs Bowser Jr. which he doesn't talk to that much. He got a userspace warning from Supremo78 but MrConcreteDonkey removed it because it was unfair. He became very popular at the time but later less people were talking to YoshiGo99, but he didn't mind. He wasn't very active for a while but when a lot of new info came for Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 he did a lot of editing and went to many sites to find information.

The 'Shroom

YoshiGo99 loves to read The 'Shroom. His favorite sections are Fake News, Fun Stuff, and Artwork and Music. YoshiGo99 made a Bowser's Kingdom picture and one day he found out SKmarioman was doing a review on Bowser's Kingdom. He told SKMarioman to use the picture in the section which he did. YoshiGo99 asked Fawfulfury65 if she would put two of his artworks in the 'Shroom him and she added them in the Sketch-Related to Mario section.


One day his friend, New Super Yoshi gave him a warning about marking all his edits minor. YoshiGo99 couldn't help himself until he got to his last warning, he then reminded himself every time to mark small edits minor and unmark major edits. Phoenix took the warning off since it was an invalid warning and it made YoshiGo99 very happy.

MarioWiki Forums

When YoshiGo99 heard about the Mario Wiki Forums he joined it. Within 2 days of the forums he made about 200 posts and were mostly on the Forum Games. He has the same name on the Forums and he has talked to many people on there. YoshiGo99 has 5 yellow stars on the Forums. He talks to Yoshidude, Goomba's Shoe15, and MCS a lot if he gets bored on the Forums.

YoshiGo99 joined a Mario Kart Wii tournament hosted by BaseballYoshi24. He started out racing New Super Yoshi and lost. He then raced a user on the Forums named luigiman2201 and beat him. He was suppose to race BaseballYoshi after but he didn't show up and he was disqualified. Next raced Paper Yoshi who lost and since YamiHoshi was sleeping (it was nighttime for her) he moved onto Goomba's Shoe. Goomba's Shoe made a big mistake after the race since there was a tie and he lost. YoshiGo99 was the winner of the tournament.

He has made a thread for his artwork and later Mariomario64 said he should open up to the public so others can show their work too. He has had many nice comments about his artwork. To see more artwork YoshiGo99 made, go to the bottom of the page after the gallery.


YoshiGo99 joined Fantendo on April 19, 2011. His first game was New Super Mario Bros Wii 2: Bowser's Back [1] and his second game is Super Mario Galaxy 3: The Final Journey but he wanted it to be removed since it wasn't worked on for quite sometime. He most popular and most recent game is Super Mario 3D World [2]. He creates artwork for his games and talks with some users there. He has meet some friends on the Super Mario Wiki there and he helps with some of their games. YoshiGo99 keeps future artwork on his page for new games he thinks of. He helps out with making artwork and has made quite a lot. The name of his Company is Mt. Fire Shell, which he founded.


YoshiGo99 - Yoshi Form

His HP is very high from eating healthy foods.

YoshiGo99 - Boomerang Bro. Form

YoshiGo99 - Parabeetle Form


YoshiGo99's Works

  • See here.
  • See here to see his art on DeviantArt.
  • See here to see his art on Fantendo.


  • YoshGo99 is left handed.

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