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Year 3001 (Alternate Reality Game)

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Year 3001 is an alternate reality game which occurred on Userpedia in mid-2009, involving users that claim to have traveled through time.


First Users

Year 3001 began in late May of 2009 when a user appeared and posted an encrypted message on the main page talk, which translated into a warning for users not to trust 'Cerberus'. Later, a letter from a user named 'B' to 'E' was given to Brayds2006 by a user named K. B was revealed to be Brayds' online avatar, still alive in the year 3001. A paranoid user whose name was an anagram of Stooben Rooben appeared soon after, as well as a user whose name was an anagram of Ultima Bahamut. The two users claimed to be from the future as well, warning Userpedia about "Cerberus."


Cerberus appeared that night in a chatroom, asking if Steuben was from a wiki. Steuben said he was from Userpedia, and Cerberus went to Userpedia and created an account there. He acted seemingly innocent and confused at the accusations made against him. He is currently unblocked.
Later, K revealed more about the year 3001 (including the details of various users' defeats). A new user, L, joined. L was said to be Master Lucario's future self. ML and L had a brief discussion about ML's future.
K appeared again in chat and spoke to Link the Sailor, saying that there was one user (of unknown identity) who had the ability to destroy Cerberus, but that the user would be gone by 3001 and that the user had to be found in the present.


The alternate reality game was inspired by I Love Bees, a Halo ARG. Scarecrow von Steuben decided to do a userpedia ARG, and the other sysops thought it was a great idea and participated. The game was originally supposed to be a secret, but since it was highly unlikely that anyone would believe that the time travel was real (and because users had already figured out it was a game) Palkia47 and SvS went public with the information that it was a game. The game still continues, and the confession that it was not real has, rather than making users not want to play the game, increased interest in the game, as people now knew that it was really a plot that actually led somewhere rather than a troll.

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