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Not to be confused with Xzelion 2.0

Rank Sysop
Species Yoshi
Gender Male
Allies Super-Yoshi, The Missing Link, RAP, ChaosNinji, Smiddle, My Bloody Valentine, Glowsquid, Crypt Raider, Plumber, Ordo, Rtas 'Vadum, King Mario, Stooben Rooben, MegaMario9910, Glitchman, Master Lucario, GreenKoopa, YellowYoshi398, Toadette 4evur, InfectedShroom, Walkazo, Pantaro Paratroopa, HyperToad, Guiliant, YellowYoshi398, 1337Yoshi, UltraMario3000
Relatives Master Crash, Eggbert, Silver Mario
Likes Asplosions
Dislikes Fads, Being Eaten by Hooktail, Shy Guys, Troll Feeding/Feeders, Being betrayed/Traitors, Complaining, Godmodding,


Moves Fire Breath, Egg Throw
Theme(s) Xzelion's Theme
Black Soldier's Theme
Aliases Admiral Xoshi, Xze, Xz, Ax, The Ax, Admiral Xzelion, Moon Knight, Rancor Jerky, Chuckles Knuckles, Axhole, Jackax, Black Soldier, Xzoshi(Yoshipedia), Sooner034, PRETxZELion, LaughingMyAxOff.
Age 30*, 17**

Op for me?
I think I'll sysop Willy on Wheels instead.

Plumber and Xzelion

Xzelion (formerly known as Great Gonzo) is a former MarioWiki Patroller (19 April, 2007–28 May, 2007) and Bureaucrat (3 September, 2007–26 January, 2008), and a current MarioWiki Sysop (28 May, 2007–26 January, 2008, 23 April, 2011-6 January 2013),. He was the fourth MarioWiki Bureaucrat and is still regarded as among the greatest users in Wiki history. After his initial retirement Xzelion has since made several comeback attempts, and is currently enjoying his third term as a Sysop.


Humble Beginnings

I used to think PJ was serious.
Me too. And you used to think I was serious too.
And I thought you were cool PLUMs. Boy was I dumb back then. :P

Xzelion and Plumber

Xzelion, or then known as Great Gonzo or simply GG, joined the Wiki after being talked into by his brothers. He started out making few edits and finding pictures. He later changed to creating articles (which were really quite awful), after learning more from watching KPH2293 edit, he became a grunt editor, fixing grammar, punctuation, and adding templates and categories. During these early times he'd often spam both the chatroom and Forums, making him famous for his & Smiddle's "Head Asplosion" incident.

Fighting Spam and Promotions

Xzelion awoke one morning and spotted a troll vandalizing, with no other users around, Xzelion reverted the edits for half the day. Porplemontage later blocked the vandal and thanked Xzelion for reverting it. After the installment of the patrollers and yet another nasty spam attack, Xzelion asked Wayoshi to add more patrollers, Wayoshi agreed with the idea and made Xzelion the third patroller.

After being recommended by Sadaharu as the next candidate for a Sysop, Wayoshi agreed and made Xzelion a Sysop. Great Gonzo would later go on to change his name to Xzelion, something that was met with harsh comments. Xzelion, along with a few other users, would also go onto create Userpedia.

Soon after the name change Xzelion stopped spamming in both the chatroom and forums and he grew stricter as he felt he needed to. This was not done with criticism, several friendships crashed in the wake of a more strict Xzelion. People like Fg and Max2, whom Xzelion once considered good friends quickly became his rivals. During Wayoshi's impersonations as Willy in the chatroom Xzelion and his friend KPH2293 often met in private chat to share evidence of their suspicions. Xzelion would later talk KPH down from sending his report to Porplemontage. When Wayoshi was finally revealed to be Willy, Xzelion offered to cover and lie for him, as he felt the Wiki needed him. Their lies were short lived and not well believed, Wayoshi would later openly announce his crimes and resign. Many users, including well respected Sysop, Knife, suggested Xzelion and KPH2293 to be promoted together to the Bureaucrat position.


The force is strong in this one


The search for the next Bureaucrat would span months, Pokemon DP suggested to Porplemontage that Xzelion be the next Bureaucrat, something Porplemotage seemingly ignored. After Xzelion recommending to Porplemontage that Booster be promoted to patroller, Porplemontage Bureaucrated Xzelion and said "The Force is strong with this one". Xzelion would make his first promotion by promoting Booster to patroller.

Hiatuses, Retirements, and Un-retirements

A few months after his ascension into Bureaucrathood, Xzelion lost interest in the Wiki and went on several Hiatuses. After coming back and realizing things had changed drastically since his one month hiatus, Xzelion finally decided to retire, and sent a PM to Porplemontage on the MarioWiki Forums, apologizing for leaving the Wiki, he recommended that Cobold be the next Bureaucrat. After he left he later visited the chatroom and was told by Glowsquid that Cobold and RAP were promoted.

After talking to Paper Jorge and My Bloody Valentine in chat, Xzelion decided to give a comeback a try. He Un-Retired from the Wiki, and wrote on his status "Un-Un-Un-Retired". He was however, not a Sysop or a Bureaucrat, something he didn't mind. But he told Stooben Rooben that he'd welcome a repromotion. He would receive said promotion to the Sysop position. He however would retire once more.

Returning to the Wiki

Sometime in 2011, he returned to the wiki and now does wiki Maintenance, mainly fixing redirects and working on expanding List pages. He hopes to one day pass Son of Suns in number of edits.


Xzelion is known to have a strict, sarcastic, and even harsh personality, leaving many users to leave the remark: "I liked you better as Great Gonzo". Many believe that after Xzelion changed his name that he "changed" from what people believed to be a cheerful and kind personality when questioned about this by Super-Yoshi Xzelion joked that he was kidnapped and replaced by a clone. However others such as Glowsquid believe that Xzelion stopped being everyone's "Yes-man". While users such as Phoenix Rider believe that Xzelion was just doing his job. Xzelion is known to sometimes spam and also be random, sometimes claiming to be a female waffle from Mars, leaving various people with different opinions on him. Nonetheless Xzelion has many friends, as well as many enemies. Before his first retirement he was a member of the Welcoming Committee (which he founded),where he and others welcomed plenty of users & offered help to those who needed it.


The Lost Adventures

Xzelion appears in The Lost Adventures, as one of the main characters. In The Lost Adventures, he winds up being zapped into a different Dimension, where he finds many other versions of users from the Super Mario Wiki. However, there's also a war against a disease called "Spam" which infects a User's soul turning them into heartless spammers. Soon he witnesses Wayoshi be taken over by the Spam, and runs to chase him after he injured Beanbean. Soon Xzelion learns that he can get back to the Wiki World through a sort of "Hub World" called "Quantum Space". Soon he arrives back in the Wiki World, but is later sent back to the other world as an exploration mission. However, he is captured by Haunt during the mission. However soon he manages to escape to a Jungle area, where he meats up with Frijjle (Who was actually Gloom controlling Frijjle's body at the time). Apparently, he got knocked out in the area, and was found by Cobold, who took him to Smash Bros. Kingdom. Xzelion now has to fight to repay the 1000 Wiki Coins for sleeping in their Toad House.

When Sysops Attack!

Xzelion is a main character in When Sysops Attack!. At the start of the series, he is taken over by Agent Smokescreen. He banished Toadbert101 to Hailfire Peaks for spamming (Which he tricked Toadbert into doing) and then brainwashed Minimariolover10 and Max2 into serving him. Soon after Xzelion went to his house, where he later sent Max and MML10 to defeat Silver Mario. He is currently doing research on some sort of crystal.

Wiki's End

Xzelion appears in Wiki's End at the start of the comic. He later appears in Chapter 3 where he and Max2 start fighting in Wikipedia. Later, after Max2 burns himself in his own fire, Xzelion reveals he is actually the evil "Zxelion". 3Dejong is shocked once he finds out about this.

Master Wikians

Xzelion also appears in Master Wikians, as a major character. After gaining his super powers from the meteor, Xzelion becomes the leader of the Master Wikians, a role coveted by his powerless brother, Master Crash. Xzelion is shown to be courageous, tactical and witty, and also appears to possess brilliant detective skills. He apparently had a conflict with ChaosNinji in the far past. His outfit color is dark blue. Xzelion's power is pyrokinesis, shown in the form of laser vision.



The User whom Xzelion calls his mentor, Xzelion learned a lot from watching KPH2293 edit. He has picked up his style of "Grunt Editing". During the times that Wayoshi impersonated Willy, Xzelion and KPH2293 had several conversations collecting information to back their speculation that Wayoshi was the Willy spamming the chat. After the crisis was resolved Xzelion & KPH2293's relationship shrunk as they no longer conversed. Xzelion however still greatly respects KPH2293.


Xzelion and Plumber were friends from the time Plumber welcomed Xzelion to the Wiki. Xzelion also learned some from watching Plumber edit. Soon after Xzelion changed his name & flamed Murzon, Plumber and Xzelion's relationship dissolved. Xzelion soon found himself fighting with Sadaharu and Plumber. During this time the two would often compare their relationship to that of Wayoshi & Sadaharu. Soon after Xzelion apologized and they became friends once more. After Plumber retired he'd visit the chat often and the two would talk. They are still great friends although they disagree on a handful of things.

My Bloody Valentine

When My Bloody Valentine - then known as 'Pokemon DP' - first joined the Wiki, Xzelion befriended him and the two became quick friends. MBV started calling Xzelion his mentor, Xzelion soon became obsessed with Halo and other things. When My Bloody Valentine attempted to contact him and ask him questions, Xzelion would shrug them off and tell MBV that he was irritated with the questions. During Xzelion's various hiatuses their friendship shrunk, the two barely talked. After Xzelion retired, the two talked scarcely on the Userpedia forums and Wiki. After Xzelion unretired he made a successful effort to repair their frosty relationship, the two currently talk on the Xeyphr forums.

Phoenix Rider

Xzelion befriended Phoenix Rider, one the Wikis esteemed Sysops, and the two quickly became friends. When Xzelion was promoted to Bureaucrat and grew stricter on the wiki, Phoenix was supportive of Xzelion, believing that he was just doing his job. To this day Xzelion considers Phoenix Rider to be one of, if not the best friend he has the Wiki.

Master Crash

Master Crash is one the people responsible for bringing Xzelion to the Wiki, the two joined a short time apart, although Xzelion was more successful as an User. Crash was more successful as a Spriter and as a member of the community, although the two often argue they would go on to stick up for each other against Xterra1.


Sadaharu was the first Sysop Xzelion talked to. The two became quick friends. However after Xzelion's name change and flaming of Murzon, Sadaharu threatened to Tezuka Zone Xzelion, something Xzelion ignored. After Xzelion apologized, the two became friends once more, but Sadaharu went "crazy" in Xzelion's eyes and Xzelion no longer considered him a friend. After Sadaharu left, he contacted Xzelion a few times, insulting both Xzelion & the Wiki. Sadaharu would later return in August of 2008, Sadaharu returned threatening to hack over twenty members of the Wiki if Xzelion didn't retire. Sadaharu was then informed that Xzelion was already retired. A shortlived reunion between Sadaharu and Xzelion occurred on June 24, 2011. The discussion was civil, and the two discussed RPGs. Perhaps their friendship has finally been rekindled.

Stooben Rooben

During Xzelion's hiatuses, he came back one day & noticed a new user, Stooben Rooben, editing the Wiki. He befriended the new user & the two became friends. Unlike his other friendships, this friendship was never strained.

The Missing Link

Yet another User that befriended Xzelion when he was new. The duo became good friends after Crash had befriended TML. The two are good friends and often talk via PMs on the Userpedia Forums.


Much like Xzelion's other friends, Glowsquid (back then known as Gofer) befriended Xzelion after reading his story, Legend of the Infinite Empire. The two rarely talked, but their friendship grew. They often flame each other in a joking matter as Xzelion called Glowsquid on several occasions "His Archnemesisnessness".


Two words: Max.
Uh, that's only one.

Xzelion and Plumber

Another friend Xzelion made after joining the Wiki. After Max2 had revealed his "Everybody" Picture plans to Xzelion, Xzelion created a Picture for Wayoshi's Wiki Birthday. After Max2 saw this he flamed Xzelion and spammed his query in chat. While Xzelion pondered a name change he asked his close friends about the idea, something Max2 flamed him and once again, spammed his query, hoping to stop Xzelion from changing his name. After Xzelion's name change Max2 often flamed him and their friendship shattered. After Max2 betrayed the Wiki & vandalized it, Xzelion was one of the Users to revert his edits. The two are no longer friends and never talk.


Can you please block Xzelion? Because I need assistance not flame wars see talk main page.
If you don't wanna start a flame war learn a little something we call "Self-Control".

Fg and Xzelion

When Xzelion first joined the Wiki he met Fg, Fg often asked a lot of questions, which at the time bothered Xzelion a bit. But as the Months passed and the questions grew in numbers, Xzelion became fed up, and asked Fg to stop, which oddly led to more questions being asked. Xzelion began to ignore Fg. Xzelion blocked several of Fg's sockpuppets, Fg later contacted Xzelion on Fantendo, in hopes of being unblocked. Xzelion told Fg that it wasn't happening, however after Fg was unblocked by Porplemontage, despite the Sysops best wishes, Xzelion completely began ignoring Fg. Fg began to flame Xzelion, and spammed his Wiki. Much like his friendship with Max2, this too is shattered.


  • Xzelion was the first User to be a Patroller, Sysop, and Bureaucrat during his career. Today, the only other Users with this exact honor are Cobold, Stumpers, and 2257.
  • Xzelion was the first user to have been a Bureaucrat on both MarioWiki and Userpedia.



Choba So.


Always remember to wash behind your ears!


Kill me.



Smiddle and Xzelion

I must reveal the truth about myself. I'm a female pretzel from Mars sent here to gather data on humans, their strategies and, weapons.


According to AC11, you are mean 65% of the time.
Then I have phailed my job. Its suppose to be 100% of the time.

Glowsquid and Xzelion

7 ops...? :/
Garlic can count...?

Garlic Man and Xzelion

Why is Xzelion not on here? Hes a pretty cool guy, he fights trolls, and doesn't afraid of anything.


Pwnsilvania; National Food is Vanilla Pwning.


We've just confirmed Payne is Starneptune
I've just confirmed that the Easter Bunny is Big Foot.

RapidRocker and Xzelion

Geez, somebody threatining to destroy the wiki because of Xzelion. This is, what, the 30th time thats happened?

Green Koopa

I didn't wanna say anything about it, but...yeah... The Logo should be my Yoshi's giant face from now on.

Xzelion's opinion of the new Userpedia logo.

He seems to take the Wiki seriously, you should try it sometime.
I have. That's so 2007.

Xzelion and Xzelion 2.0

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