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Guys, stop being mean to me, my mom's in here and she's watching the chat."

Xterra1 & Guiliant, chatroom

Xterra1 is a user on the Super Mario Wiki, who has been blocked various times from the chatroom for flaming people for random things. He is considered by some, namely Plumber, Xzelion, Mr.Vruet, and Super-Yoshi, to be a troll. Some others consider him a friend, like Hemu.

After he is banned, he annoys the op who blocked him to un-ban him until his ban expires, though this usually ends in an increase of his ban. He was warned on the MarioWiki for not using a signature, the result is a large amount of coding taking up space on talk pages.

However, he is currently trying to improve his image, as recently he has not been kicked from the chatroom or banned. The aforementioned users still think of him as a lowlife. He used to edit rarely, but is now active again on the wiki. He hopes all users will listen to him.

He claims that he would "own" anyone who challenge him on Nintendo WFC, however, since he does not have Nintendo WFC, this has yet to be proven. However, Xterra1 hopes to post a photo of his high scores on the wiki.

Xterra1 has many elemental forms, and his clothes change color when he assumes these "forms". It is unknown how many things the mysterious human can morph into. His favorite forms are his fire form,"FireXterra", and his most powerful form, "OmniXterra". His personality seems to change in different forms. His main font in chat is bold red on blue, but when he metamorphoses, his font changes.

He currently has no sprites, however Hemu was making him a sheet.


I bet you were so dumb, once, you called a teacher "mom"."
"I hope you know that i'm homeschooled, my Mom IS my teacher...

Xterra1 and Xzelion in chat