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Not to be confused with Knife, who was once known as "Spike".
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male
Allies Paper Jorge, Plumber, RAP, King Mario, Glitchman, Storm Yoshi, Mcoolister, HyperToad, Super-Yoshi, Stooben Rooben, InfectedShroom, BlueYoshter, Alphaclaw11, Palkia47
Relatives Banny, Neurario, Thorn, Palkia47, Crypt, Purple Yoshi, Charizard, Wayoshi, Grapes, SonicMario, Pantaro Paratroopa, BlueYoshter
Likes Sonic Music, Soccer, Rabbids, Vacations, Video Games, Pizza, Sonic is in Brawl, Reading comics.
Moves Form change, Super Form, Chaos Moves
Age 12*, 18**

Xpike, also known as Xluidi, is a User on the Super Mario Wiki. Xpike usually hangs out in the chatroom. Xpike takes the appearance of a brown Sonic with gray stripes. He's also confirmed to have Hyperspeed in Master Wikians, after gaining Super Speed, meanwhile already have Super Speed. He has also been seen singing random lyrics every time the chat gets dead, no matter what chat.


Finding the Wiki

After reading Mario's Wikipedia article for the fortieth time, he found a link to the Super Mario Wiki.


Xpike saw a grammatical error in Super Mario Wiki's Pixl article, so he attempted to edit it, but IPs were incapable of editing at the time, so Xpike created an account on Super Mario Wiki.


Knife, the original Spike, has told Xpike he could change his name to "Spike", Xpike denied it for an unbeknown reason.

Great Spam Age

Xpike helped in the Great Spam Age. He was the second User to see the attacks and start helping, but when the tenth troll entered, he lost his connection and was disconnected from Super Mario Wiki for two days. His comic was also a target for spammers.


Form Change

Xpike was created by the three heroes, giving him the ability to mutate into one of the three heroes and to use its powers.


Like DP the Hedgehog he has psychic powers, or PSI. He, however mainly uses the powers to accomplish tasks that he is to lazy to do himself.

Super and elemental form

Super Form

Xpike, like all other hedgehogs, have a Super Form.


A form unique to him is his Elemental Form, which allows him to control elements. The appearance of this form is a normal Xpike with elemental colors on his stripes.

Form Blast

When Xpike calls all three forms, it causes a powerful blast.



Xpike appears in User Smash_Bros. Attack!, MarioWiki's Olympic Games, Mario Wiki Party, Super Mario Wiki World Advance, Super MarioWiki Platformer Platter, Super Mario Wiki Kart', SMW RPG: Quest for the Wiki's Secret, Paper Lario 2, and Wiki Hunt where he is capable of making a powerful punch known as the Chaos Punch.

MarioWiki Adventure: Battle

In MarioWiki Adventure: Battle Xpike plays the role of the antagonist. After being introduced in the meeting, the Dark Team goes to storm the theater where the heroes are planning to ambush them. After being teleported to the places, he will fight Pokemon DP and Alphaclaw11.

After being defeated by Pokemon DP and Alphaclaw11, Xluidi is teleported back to the base by Peachycakes 3.14. Xzelion and Xluidi redecide their plans, and go off to defeat MarioBros777, who dies at the end of the story.

Wiki's End

Xpike makes a cameo appearance in Wiki's End in the second part of the sixth chapter. In the chapter he can be seen in Userpedia amongst most users.

Solid DP's Codec information

  • Solid DP: Colonel, I need some info on this hedgehog I'm fighting!
  • Xpike : Then you're fighting me. </nowiki>
  • Solid DP: WHAT THE?!
  • Xpike : Don't be alarmed. The Colonel just went to get a Muffin, so I decided to come and chat.
  • Solid DP: So you're hacking into our system?
  • Xpike : No, just eating up time. So, need some help? Well, I know all about... Me. I can run REALLY fast, so don't try to hit and run. Your best bet is to throw me off-gaurd, and hit me in the back!
  • Solid DP: Wow... Giving me information about how to defeat... You. This is freakin' crazy.
  • Xpike : Heh, I guess it is. Well, I'm just glad to help, and...
  • Solid DP: Good ol' Colonel.


  • Glitchman: How long have you been a member of the Wiki, and how did you join?
  • Xpike: I think like 5 months, and I found it by clicking the Wikipedia Link (typical form), but joined it seeing the Pixl article need some good grmmar
  • Glitchman: Did you ever get a welcome, and if you did by whom?
  • Xpike : yep by…wait a second…DP
  • Glitchman: What is your REAL name; Xpike or Xluidi??
  • Xpike : Xpike
  • Glitchman: What is the one accomplishment you’ve made here that you’re most proud of?
  • Xpike : dunno, I hardly edit, but I think the Superstar Mario page
  • Glitchman: Which do you like better; pizza or pie?
  • Xpike : pizza
  • Glitchman: What is your one favorite Mario game?
  • Xpike : Super Mario RPG
  • Glitchman: Mine too :grin:
  • Glitchman: Do you read every new issue of the ‘Shroom?
  • Xpike : yeah
  • Glitchman: Last question…IS this the LAST question?!?
  • Xpike : no
  • Glitchman: WRONG :twisted:
  • Xpike : then waht’s the last?
  • Glitchman: That one was OK, thanks for the interview!!
  • Xpike : OK


"I wanna be the Sonic cameo that kills Mario at the end of Star Fox that then Samus kills, then Falco shoots Samus and becomes the ruler of the Space Pirates making Metal Gear 10: Falso's Plan"Xpike, chatroom

"Snake is Uni's bro"Chatroom, note that "snake" is a typo of "snack"



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