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Creator Toadbert
Debut December 27, 2011
Genre Epic
Latest Issue 10
Rating 13+

Wreck is a new sprite comic by Toadbert101. It will feature a return to the old style adventure comics of the Scribblewiki-era and some common characters from then.

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The comic was initially planned back in October/November 2009 but never got anywhere. The idea was briefly brought up again in 2010 but was again forgotten. Finally in November 2011 did Toadbert begin to write ideas for the comic and on December 4th the teaser image for part 1 was released.


Part 1 begins with Xzelion's return to the Wiki after years away and he uncovers evidence of a takeover at Sysop Tower.

Issue Comic Release Notes Summary
1 WrIssue1.png December 27, 2011 Not a very action-packed premiere, but it does have fancy sfx. Xzelion returns to the Wiki after several years away. As he greets old friends, it becomes apparent strange things are happening
2 WrIssue2.png January 1, 2012 Some filler Xzelion heads to Sysop Tower for answers but gets tied up in a conflict
3 WrIssue3.png January 8, 2012 It's pretty chatty and dull, but better things should be coming up soon. Sysop Tower seems to be a more secretive and less-functioning place as Xzelion and Ultima Bahamut arrive
4 WrIssue4.png January 15, 2012 Flashy action wheeeeeeeee Suspicion mounts and a sudden accident leaves everyone wondering what really happened
5 WrIssue5.png January 24, 2012 Those custom backgrounds are what made this one late Accusations into the bombing create the need for a Resistance group
6 WrIssue6.png January 29, 2012 Just build up for the next issue The Resistance group sets its first plan into action
7 WrIssue7.png February 5, 2012 Such a dark issue The group faces a defeat when S-Y, Turb and Ultima confront the van
8 WrIssue8.png February 21, 2012 Sorry about the lateness The group's second mission takes them inside Sysop Tower
9 WrIssue9.png February 27, 2012 Funky stuff at the beginning to balance the silly ending Unable to decide on a course of action, the group figures out what to do next
10 WrIssue10.png March 5, 2012 10 issues already? man The building fire is investigated while Xzelion, YellowYoshi and Knife drive out for help.
11 March 11, 2012 The sickness worsens and Sysop Tower performs unsettling actions.

Sprite Credit

  • Most base backgrounds and props - Nintendo
  • Cars - Toadbert, Uniju
  • Greenline Station City Scape - Uniju?
  • Master Crash's House Exterior - Mason, A.J. Nitro, Guss, Uniju
  • Master Crash's House Interior - Master Crash, Toadgui
  • New Wikisburg - Uniju
  • El Café - Uniju
  • Redline Station - Uniju
  • Redline Train - Uniju, Snack?
  • Castle Grounds - A.J. Nitro
  • Stardust Fields - A.J. Nitro
  • When Sysops Attack! logo - Toadbert
  • The Lost Adventures logo - Uniju
  • Legends of the Fallenstar logo - Snack
  • Port Harbour - Crocodile Dippy
  • Iron Bars - Notch
  • TV news scene - Legends of the Fallenstar