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Willy on Wheels

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Willy on Wheels.

“Wheely Willy is back on wheels...On Wheels! And there's gonna be a great spam revolution on wheels. On Wheels!”
Willy on Wheels, spamming under the name "Wheely willy the baby Yorkshire"

Willy on Wheels is a Troll who has attacked countless wikis (perhaps most notably Wikipedia), including the Super Mario Wiki. He was in an alliance with Sammy on Skateboards and the likes before his partner quit. He then charged the wiki in attempt to capture Max and many others, but HK-47 and Son of Suns saved them. His locations are currently unknown, although his attacks have continued in recent times. Despite countless blockings, Willy on Wheels has always managed to make accounts on and on. He is so infamous, he was mentioned in a website as "One of the worst trolls Wikipedia has ever seen."

For quite a while, Willy on Wheels was thought to be the similar Willy, who attacked the MarioWiki, but this Willy turned out to be only inspired by Willy on Wheels. Later, it was believed by some he was another Willy (who pervertedly attacked the Chatroom and impersonated Sysops several times), although the once-Bureaucrat Wayoshi eventually revealed that this Willy was, in actuality, himself, impersonating the past Willy on Wheels. It is unknown if Willy on Wheels is aware of Wayoshi's actions and even more of an enigma as to what he thinks of them. After attacking many wikis and getting outlawed on them, one of his troll friends from Wikipedia helped him start his own wiki.

He has been seen spamming in the Chatroom. It is unknown if he is being impersonated, however. He was rumored to be Wayoshi and/or Fly Guy 2. A while ago, Willy on Wheels was seen spamming lots on Userpedia, with more than five accounts, he made spam with C:/Windows (that took longer to delete) and about sixty pages of spam.



Wiki's End

Many of Willy on Wheels' sockpuppets appear in Wiki's End (called just Willy for short). Here, the sockpuppets are almost everywhere and very easy to defeat. The real Willy on Wheels, then appears in the begining of Chapter 4, where he is just called Willy for short as well. Peachycakes gives him the task of getting Wayoshi to join the dark side, a hard task that Willy accepts. Later, Willy on Wheels sends his sockpuppets to attack DarkInsanity. After Dark defeats them all, Willy on Wheels comes ready to fight DarkInsanity. It is then revealed that Willy can turn into any user's shape and the fight begins.

Trolls' Island

Willy on Wheels appeared in the second chapter of Trolls' Island, where he disturbs peace in Hack-Hack Beach, which isn't protected by administrators. Mr bones helps Fuzzipede27 to defeat him and restore peace to the beach. His sockpuppet ability wasn't introduced in this fiction. Another character named Game Ruiner has it instead of him. However, he has power to make his drawings come to life, which can only be erased by Fuzzipede27's paintbrush.

A Spammers Revenge

Willy on Wheels has been revealed to be the main villain throughout A Spammers Revenge. He is noted to be working with Jakebastille, Munchlax and Glasses.


Willy on Wheels appears in Eight as one of the Eight heroes. Though a spammer, he is pursuaded by Neptune99 to join his group. Willy is known throughout the series to be very unknowing of the Wiki World. He wields Fargarar, a Spam Wand from the dark realm.


In MarioWiki: Clash, Willy on Wheels appears briefly, after kidnapping many users. Then, Dry Bones leaves, enters his Captain Obvious suit, and scares WoW away.

Physical Appearance

Willy on Wheels appears as a Paint Roller (A boss in the Kirby Series) in most appearances, but in Wiki's End, he appears as a black Mario with red outline (like Willy), but he can also appear as anything, albeit it completely black with red outline. For example, in one part of the strory he transforms into a black and red outlined Ghost Jam.

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