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Will-Not-Be-MSTed Fanfic

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Yes this is a joke. An example of what will be taunted by your neighbor users and put on BJAODN to be laughed at forever.

P.S. If you are offended by any jokes because it was parodied, I will not remove it. k

An unnamed fani.fc. Enjpy I tried my best.


My name is alber39. I woke up, prepared ot fight trolls in my backyard. I must deliever this crystal sample to Stoben Erooben or else I will fight. Dieing or not. As I was saying I took a shoe from the closet, fialing to see the shotgun, and shot open the door. I was surrounded by trolls because I had the sample. I have to do what must be done! I charged, killing some trolls and then a giant fat one. I met up with King Boo and I ran as fast as I could.

We took subway red out to the cheese meadows were we ate cheese and continued to find Stooben Roobmen. he then had to go because he had to find soemthing else so I was alne again. I then got attacked by a troll rom the sea with googles. he knocked me out and dragged me into a cave for some reason, I don't kno why. I was in a cage when I woke up, then I found a secret hatchet. I went underground and i was in a burnt down 13le7 town.

It was depressing with no buildsings except one but it was a new bug colony. A few users who still didn't want to leave camped here. they looked like hobomen. I then moved and the hobomen didn't follow even after begging.


I return to New Wikisburg. I cimbed building, whrre there must've been 189,921,329 trolls on the bottom. I fund an M-16 and I started shooting. Some climb and used melee weapons to beat me. I shot them anyways after they missed/. They evetnually died down or was afraid of gun so they ran. I jumpd off the building, fell into the floor, but i was fine and continued to go throughthe streets.

Suddenly I got smacked in the back of the head. He called me an idiot and ran. I chased him with a street lamp because I suddenly realized I have super strong strongness. I ebat up the troll and then 15 came and used pipe wrenches to hurt me. But again i killed troll. Then the matermind troll himself came and cut me with his sytche. I took his neck and broke it, and threw it in a garbage bag. Slwoly he fell and then he died 2 minutes after.

There mut have been master mater mind troll, because the iwki was still not safe. I decided I must move on.


I fund a fried to help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

his name ids Hemu|AFK. he and his bot CookieServ followed me and I didn't know. "how get here" I asked. "we were following you sense tuesday", said Hemu|Afl. "Uniju is a AK48", said Cookieserv. "Shut up you fool", "Oh no u", "GAH! GET HIM OUT F COMIC!", "you're mean :(", said hemu|sfk and Cookieserv. *CROWD LAUGH*

it was a rainy day inside this not-random log cabin we found in the woods. We decided to camp inside of here. it was raining outside. "Do you think we coul still make it to the beech in time? we pranced to the beech so-not-being-gay. I ate a cocnut until i found tiny trolls inside. We scrream was and running. Then took cocnut and hit face trolls with it.

they threw ccnuts at us and we run run fast. We jumped in the water and it played cool movie music just like thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYv4FR1M-wU

it got really intense now with flying coconututs, so I threw headcrab (which is odd i expect to see lbosetr) and threw it. it turned tiny troll into headcrab zombie. I needed a crobarb. I ran to blacknesa kileld gorden freemsn, and took crowbat. i killed zombie and some randumb radcrabs.

the music stopped playing until mabeh 394,291,391 tiny trolls came all with cocnuts. i took mega mushroom ate it and charged. so much coc were flying everywhere I couldn't see but maybeh 421,391,391 trolls died when i ran around. i then found hemu|AFK and cookieserv ted up to tree, being chase by troll. I shrunk back so i threw crobarb at him. it missed but he got knocked out, so I untid them and ran like help.

finally music stopped do we had a good lols. *CROWD LAUGH*


this is the sad part of the comic and is very mature its T+ because of the scary things ppl see in this

hemu|afk was killed suddenly by a heart attack. It was caused from black megik troll. this is dedicated to hemu|AFK.

Serious part

List of things spoofed in this comic

  • The Reaper Known as 132
  • Legend of Monty
  • Dark Users Attack
  • DB's fanfics
  • Maurice the Terrible & Friends