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Wiki war III

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Wiki war III is a story of military conquest where the wikian army attacks Cosniku in response to construction of the moonbreaker sillogisim and othe ships of war


Flags.jpg The logrithms live on Cosnicu and anderrvohn and assist the wikians in the fight of their lives against halwarg, kerenelluk, and Tabuu/Trine

Story basics

here is a draft of the opening crawl Galactic war!!! Penatus has just recouperated from a global war to be threatened by a mysterious threat from outside wiki world itself.

In an attempt to counter the instability of penatus a comittee is on its way to Anderrvon to disscuss the issue with the Logrithms of Cosnicu and Skillywezrds of Anderrvon and determine the fate of the universe...


Wikian generals

  1. none yet

Logrithm generals:

  1. B.O.S.S.: BroccollyGuy
  2. other

notable wikians:

  1. none

notable logrithms:

  1. E.M.P.
  2. F.I.C.O.
  3. E.U.L.A.
  4. other

neutral chacters

  1. none yet

unkown entities

  1. Logrithm3284
  2. other


  1. none yet

easteregg reqrests:

  • mario and luigi bowsers inside story


  1. Yoshi876


  1. none yet

Add your name here: Skillywezrds (no joke that is their name):

  1. none yet


  • this story is named after the phrase world war III
  • the reason-to-start-the-war plot is based off of the problem whith N. Korea and trump (citation needed)