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Wiki Wars

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Wiki Wars is a comic series by Hemu. Unlike most stories it doesn't have a single plotline it has multiple plotlines, one for each saga. signup on talk


Wiki Civil War


Main Plotline: many users have conflicts with MarioWiki and split it into four wikis: MarioWiki, DonkeyKongWiki, WarioWiki, and YoshiWiki.

The Rest of the Plot: MW starts losing money because of the loss of 3/4th of the Natural Resources, because of that they declare war on YW, in turn WW declares war on MW, and then DKW declares war on YW and WW. The Rest of the series is battles and stuff.


Issue 1

Part 1:WarioWiki

Part 2:DonkeyKongWiki and YoshiWiki


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Geography Lesson

Fantendo N00b Wars: Fantendo's Last Stand

Status:prematurely canceled

Planned Plotline

The Story starts when an enraged RedYoshi, sends Hemu to World 0-0(Fantendo's version of the Spam Vault), Hemu uses telepathic chat messages to find help, and finds it when DryGuy receives the message, and then tells Cobweb. Cobweb takes Henrydamoose, and DryGuy into World 0-0 to save Hemu from the wrongdoing, and KP waits for shrooby to come to send him the message of Hemu's ban. soon JesseRoo, Shroobario, COKEMAN11, and Max2 receive the message, and all follow Cobweb's gang into World 0-0, RY learns of this and takes McQueenMario and YoshiEgg in to stop Cobweb. The Portal gets screwed up, and sends Cobweb, Henry, and CK11 to the South Entrance. Max2 and Shrooby arrive at the West Entrance, where KP comes to greet them. DryGuy and JesseRoo arrive at the North Entrance, where Hemu is. And lastly RedYoshi and his friends arrive at the East Entrance. KP decides that instead of aimlessly running around World 0-0, that the groups should rendezvous at the capital of World 0-0, and sends it via telepathic chat, and the groups set off to the center to negotiate Hemu's ban. On the way there, the groups fight against numerous trolls.

Wiki War III

Status: Cancelled

Wiki War III was to have been a comic by KP Shadow, and written by Hemu. It is about Wikia attempting to take over the Wiki world, with Mario Wiki, Bulbapedia, and ZeldaWiki forming the New Wiki Alliance to combat Wikia. It is another saga in Wiki Wars. After KP Shadow left, the comic was inactive. Hemu is planning to revive it.