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Wiki War I

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Wiki War I is the first comic created by SpammerBro, and may be helped with from Paper Jorge. The wiki is peaceful, and everyone is fine, posting and creating and editing, and the usual spammers being kicked and banned. But suddenly, King Junior, an unknown boss, has set a curse over all of the wiki. Nobody can love or even be friends with one another! Jorge is crushed most over this because Beanbean doesn't love him anymore.

As Jorge quotes in the story, "You can't even trust your mommy!" Jorge and SpammerBro are un-affected from the curse, because they were not in the Mario Wiki at the time. Their adventure leads them to collecting the seven Goldshrooms, a special mushroom that can restore love to a section, or world, of the Mario Wiki. Jorge and SpammerBro set out to find all seven of the Goldshrooms, and the beginning of their adventure takes them to the Shia Bluffs to find the first Goldshroom!


Prologue (In Progress)

Issue 1 - The Beginning

Issue 2 - The first Goldshroom

Issue 3 - From turtle to human

Issue 4 - Wayo's Betrayal