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Wiki Kart Wii

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Most of the users who were involved in this have decided that since Mario Fan 123 was banned, there will probably be no hack races, so this means that anyone can put their name and artwork down.

Wiki Kart Wii
WikiKartWii logo.png
Creator Mario Fan 123 for the idea
None yet for hacks
Castle Toad for the artworks
Release Upcoming
Genre Racing
Rating E+ for Everyone and W+ for Wikians

Wiki Kart Wii is a upcoming (possibly canceled) Super Mario Wiki and Userpedian joke racing game for the Wii console. It will include many users from both wikis and is a parody of the Nintendo game Mario Kart Wii. The idea was made by Mario Fan 123, however, anyone who is a YouTube user can hack the original game and post a walkthrough of his or her character.

Playable Characters

Up to 24 characters. Feel free to put your name and artwork down.






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