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Wiki Kart: Double Dash!!

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Wiki Kart: Double Dash!!
Creator For the idea: DKPetey99
For the artworks: Mariomario64
Release Upcoming
Genre Racing
Rating E+ for Everyone and W+ for Wikians

Wiki Kart: Double Dash!! is an upcoming Wiki game, created by DKPetey99. It involves users from the Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia. The game is a parody of the Nintendo GameCube game, Mario Kart Double Dash!!. Each racer must be based off of a playable character from Mario Kart: Double Dash. Wiki Kart: Double Dash!! is also the sequel to another Wiki game, Wiki Kart Wii. Items and karts from the original game is also featured in Wiki Kart: Double Dash!!. Users can also choose if they want to double up in a kart or ride solo.

Playable Characters

Only up to 20 racers. If you wish to join, simply add your name and artwork.