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Wiki Emblem/Prologue

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Ramahil, the grand capital of the nation of Ramor, lay in ruins. Its army had been crushed by the forces of Dreghno. The small remainder had been forced to retreat to Castle Ramor, in the heart of the capital. The so-called "Warrior King" of Ramor, King Blocky, had run away through a tunnel under the castle, leaving the remainder of his army behind to cover his escape.

Inside the castle, General Javelin rallied the remainder of the army in the castle: "Soldiers of Ramor! We may be defeated here, but this is not the end! We can retreat past their armies to our neighboring kingdom of Maho! We must live to fight another day!

"There's no way we can even escape from their army!" One soldier yelled. "King Blocky already sealed off the tunnel when he escaped!"

"That is not the only possible way to escape," replied Javelin. "We still may be able to escape through the back entrance, where their forces are much thinner. We have no other choice, other than to die here in vain."

"It is not in vain! " shouted one of the king's servants. "We are securing the king's escape!"

"The king is already safe!" said Javelin. "All we can do now is to save ourselves!"

Everybody suddenly turned as a loud, deep noise came from the direction of the main gate. Dreghno's army had begun to break through the main gate.

"Now, who is with me?" About half of the soldiers raised their weapons and several mages raised their hands: about 40 in all. "So few have the courage to face the future…" commented Javelin. "Very well then! Make haste; we do not have long before they break through the gates. Everybody get on a horse; most of you will need to double up."

Javelin led the troops to the back gate and peered out through a small opening. Half the Dreghno troops were marching to the other side: just the chance they needed.

"Prepare to open the gates and ride out on my mark."

The constant sound of the battering ram turned into one last pound as the Dreghno army finally broke through and surged in.


Two soldiers threw open the gates, and Javelin's army charged out.