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Wiki's End

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Wiki's End was a popular comic series created by Paper Jorge on Summer 2007 when Userpedia was new. Considered by many the "first good comic" of the wiki, Wiki's End had two sequels and inspired many users to create their own action/adventure comics (most comics back then were just comedy and random jokes). Athough not the best comic in quality, it is popular, mostly because it was also the first comic in the wiki to actually be finished and not canceled. Its two sequels were Server's End (Wiki's End 2) and Final de Wiki 3 (Wiki's End 3) and originally a reboot called Ten Thousand Trolls. Wiki's End, although it has some comedy is mostly dark and has a lot of violence and action. After the Fall of Scribblewiki, Wiki's End issues went missing, although it is known that all of the issues are still somewhere on the wiki on ImageShack, in Jorge's computer and ZeroLatios's computer and are slowly being recovered.

Impact on Userpedia

The famous "What Army?" "MarioWiki." scene.

Although it is a very poor quality comic series, at the time, in Summer 2007, it was very good. Users claim that it was the first good comic in Userpedia. Many characters and places in Wiki's End have been mentioned or appeared in other comics, for example, Troll Castle, Xzelion and Glitches, all characters that first appeared in Wiki's End have appeared in other comics. Originally, Peachycakes' appearance was a normal Peach but after Wiki's End, her appearance was changed to a dark Peach. WE inspired several other comic series, and was the first comic to actually be finished rather than canceled. Due to this, Jorge did not know how to properly end a comic and gave it a low quality ending. Probably the most famous scene of Wiki's End, and one of the most famous scenes in all user comics is the scene where many users of the MarioWiki make a crowd after Mastermind Troll asks him what army is going to fight him, to which Steve replies "The MarioWiki."


Originally, around Spring 2007, Jorge was working on his first user comic he planned to release. He made about ten issues, and only showed Knife and Ultimatetoad. The original plot revolved around Paper Luigi DS, he drank a potion which turned him into Master Crash. Various users and Porplemontage searched the wiki for him following him left and right with Master Crash always escaping. The issues were lost soon and Jorge planned a Wiki Game and Wiki Movie but both were canceled. The only one Jorge actually finished was the Wiki Movie but Jorge lost the file before releasing.

Near the end of May or June, Jorge announced he would be making a comic soon starring Porple, Max2, 3dejong and him but he had no plot announced. He told Max2 about his comic. Soon, the Wiki Drought started and Max2 began a comic about it called "The Great Freeze Joruney". Jorge began Wiki's End. The first issues were based on Max2's "Great Freeze Journey" but Jorge changed the plot as time went on and continued to make it more and more epic.

Recovered issues


Chapter One: Troll's Fury

Chapter Two: Escape the Spam Vault

Chapter Three: Max2 Goes Evil

Chapter Four: Search Party Trouble

Chapter Five: Wayoshi on Wheels

Chapter Six: Mastermind's Reborn

  • All parts missing!

Chapter Seven: The Lost World