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Weirdenville City

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Weirdenville City is a strange city with a lot of weird inhabitants and places. It's LuigiNo.1's non-user hometown.


It has seven statues around it. Each of them has something carved on them. The order of the stuff from South to Southeast clockwise is: Fire,Water,Earth,Air,Forest,Ice,Darkness. At the center of the plaza, you can easily find a circle with 7 marks on it.

More Info

The other users live in various different places. Sometimes other users like Smasher, UltraMario, and somewhat rarely Ralphfan(This is because he generally doesn't like going to Weirdenville City, due to LuigiNo.1, but sometimes gets dragged by other users to go). That are only a few of the sometimes visiting users.

This city has earned the title, best Goat Farm for 10 years in a row.