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Wayoshi's House

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Wayoshi's House is obviously the house where Wayoshi resides. It is located in New Wikisburg. Wayo's house is enormous, having an indoor pool, a large dining room, ten bathrooms, two kitchens (with assistants having to make Wayo's breakfast, lunch and dinner), a theatre, two bedrooms (one for him, another one for his assistants) and a large garage with many boxes of useless things. Wayo also has a Mario Kart Wii Room where he has collectible MKWii toys. Wayoshi lived a happy life until recently, in February, Paper Jorge came and took over his house. In April, Jorge bought a house of his own in New Wikisburg. During the time he lived in Wayo's house, he slept backstage of his home theatre. Paper Jorge turned Wayo's theatre into the current Friday Night Live stage and used the garage for the backstage where the Friday Night Live Cast works behind the scenes. Although Wayo wasn't really happy when Jorge did this, he decided to let Jorge only keep the useless garage and the theatre. <br=clear all>