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Watashoujo (short for "Watashitachi wa mina, sore ga watashitachi no mahō shōjo no zokusei o seisei suru to nobeta u~ebusaito ni ittekimashita ga, sore wa jissai ni honmono no tame ni mahō shōjo ni watashitachi o tōnyū", which roughly translates to "We all went to a website that said it would generate our magical girl attributes, but it actually turned us into magical girls for real") is an upcoming fanfiction written by Turb. It chronicles the adventures of several MarioWiki users who go to the titular website in order to figure out what they would be like as magical girls, but it soon evolves into much more than that... who caused this strange twist of fate? Who is the mysterious cabbage-wielder that watches from the shadows? Will they ever be able to get back to their own world? Only time will tell...



  • Dippy (hair color: hot pink, outfit theme: pop idol, weapon: pinwheel)
  • Gilbert Gottfried
  • Aflac Duck


  • Uniju (INFO UNKNOWN, has been missing since the shift to the other world)


  • Mason (hair color: violet, outfit theme: bride, weapon: flute)
  • Owlgirl8 (hair color: indigo, outfit theme: gypsy, weapon: bow)
  • Smiley
  • Snack (hair color: beige, outfit theme: yakuza, weapon: tomato)
  • TheFreshPrince (hair color: green, outfit theme: football, weapon: nails)
  • Toadbert (hair color: vermilion, outfit theme: robot, weapon: dagger)
  • Travis (hair color: mocha, outfit theme: mechanic, weapon: wand)
  • Turb (hair color: pink, outfit theme: nurse, weapon: leek)
  • Anton