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WTF Tales

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WTF Tales is a new comic by Paper Jorge. It is a series of various, random tales having to do with the wiki. Currently, there is only one series of WTF Tales called Into a Moron's Mind but there will be more soon. Originally, WTF Tales was made on a boring day by Jorge and he did not want to upload it, but after talking about the idea with Shroobario and Nerdy Guy he decided to make it.

List of WTF Tales

Into a Moron's Mind

Into a Moron's Mind is the first series of the WTF Tales. In it, Shroobario and his school class are going on a field trip to a Science Museum to see interesting experiments and his two parents (Jorge and Beanbean) come along too. However, once there, Jorge glitches up a scientific machine and transfers Shrooby, Beanbean, Super-Yoshi and a scientist into his mind. They must now somehow escape.

Hobo and a Time Machine

Hobo and a Time Machine is the second series of WTF Tales. The plot revolves around Jorge suffering through hard times as a homeless person. After Brayds2006 sees his horrible state, he builds Jorge a time machine to go back in time and stop him from making all those mistakes. Trouble begins. The hobo is a cross-over of various different comics, most notably Rush Wiki and Friday Night Live. Currently, it is in the canceled state.


24 is a parody of the TV series of the same name.

One-Issue Comics



  • In Issue 2 of Into a Moron's Mind, a flock of "winged, rainbow shirt Jorges" is seen flying towards a Mayan temple with Beanbean stating that the Jorges are going back home now that Winter is over. This is a reference to the fact Jorge is full-blooded Guatemalian in Real Life and Mayan Temples are mostly located in Tikal, Guatemala.
  • Also in Issue 2, the last three panels of Jorge in the hospital are actually scenes from Uniju's comic, Kakumei. The only thing changed, in poor quality on purpose, is the text Jorge says at the end.