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Vinnie (aka PTM, Vincent and Cosmic Vin) is a user on the Super Mario Wiki and its forums. He joined the Super Mario Wiki on October 17 2010 as Vinrulz.


Vinnie found the Super Mario Wiki at a random, unknown date. He joined it because his brother Dry-Petey (then Nicke8) joined it. He became active here, making a tenth of his current edit count this day alone and requesting a name change to The Cosmic Vin. On this day he met his friend MCSoulja. He made lots of helpful edits. On January 16 2011, Vinnie made a forum account, though at first he wasn't active on it. For a long time nothing of interest happened (just wiki editing and forum posting from time to time), except getting his name changed to Pokémon Trainer Mario and registering on Fantendo as Vincent Van Gone. In October 2011, Vinnie got his wiki name changed to Vincent. In November 2011, he returned to the forums after realising that MCSoulja had an account there, though Vinnie hasn't talked to MCS at all on the forums. He quickly got a lot of posts as in he had 3 days in which he made more than 100 posts. He currently has over one thousand posts on the forum. On December 26 2011, Anton made Vinnie's Userpedia account because Vinnie was in Pokémon Trainer Red's Wiki Adventure.


Vinnie in Wiki Adventure
  • Vinnie has no artwork, and is currently displayed as Ash Ketchum from Generation III (?), despite him not liking this.
    • Despite Vinnie appearing as Generation III Ash most of the time, he appears as Generation I Ash in Wiki Adventure.