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Peaaaaace. Peace Seeeeelllllllssss.


Vicarious Picture.png
Likes Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Alternative Rock, etc.
Aliases Torpedo Sandwich, Magik, Panic Attack

Vicarious is an black and white link who joined the Super Mario Wiki recently. He is very active on the forum, and he hates the trolls who spam there. He has a boat called the S.S. Magik.

The Beginning

He first discovered the Mario Wiki after reading about Mario in Wikipedia. He fell in love with it the first time he saw it. After several months of reading Mario info, he decided to join the wiki. The person who welcomed him was Storm Yoshi.

He accidentally discovered Userpedia after clicking on a link that Toadbert101 had on his userpage. He grew addicted, resulting in less work for the wiki. The same thing happened when he joined the forums. Currently, he barely edits the wiki.


One day, it appeared that Vicarious quit without giving a reason why. He missed out on some stuff, including Userpedia moving from Wikia to Adriels. But in March, he returned to both Userpedia and the Wiki Forum. He was setting up a Deviantart account. He disappeared again, but has been recently seen as "Torpedo Sandwich".


Friday Night Live

He has made a very brief cameo in Episode 8.

Dawn of Shadow

He appears in his own comic, Dawn of Shadow, in which his mind is corrupted and he joins the trolls.

What Users Think of Him

Please put something in here please.



  • Although his sockpuppet name was named after a Quiznos sandwich, Vicarious never had one, nor has he ever been to the restaurant.
  • He is one of the few users who owns a Macintosh computer. He uses Photoshop Elements to make sprite comics.

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