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Creator Doomship 2
Debut January 2011
Genre Action
Latest Issue Vengeance/2
Rating T (Swearing and violence)

Vengeance is a story by Doomship 2. It is an action story. Not much has been revealed about the storyline, but DS2 will reveal it when he wants/is able to. There will be 15 chapters of good length (not including the prologue & epilogue).

Some of the story is written in the first-person, from RUAI's point of view, and some in the third-person or from another user's point of view, at events where RUAI may not be present. Sign-ups for cameos are on the talk page. DS2 will ask you if he wants you as a main character or minor character in his story.

Characters (some with Themes)

Confirmed so far (in order of appearance):




Chapters (and Themes)


  • Throughout the story, there will be song references randomly thrown in. Chapter 10 will have the most obvious ones.
  • Some of the chapter titles will be puns vaguely related to the events in the respective chapter.
  • There are various affectionate references to the story Corruption by Doomship 2's friend, MrConcreteDonkey, in various parts of Doomship's story